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The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson (Glass Vault #2)

The Bride of Glass (Glass Vault, #2)The Bride of Glass
by Candace Robinson

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Glass Vault - Book 2
Publication Date: September 1, 2017
Publisher: Candace Robinson
Genre: Paranormal
Print Length: 157 pages
Available from: Amazon
Perrie Madeline is trapped in Vale's clutches as the Bride. Can Perrie find a way to escape her mental prison?

Maisie Jaser is on a rescue mission to retrieve her cousin and best friend, Perrie. Together, she hopes to bring down Vale and rid the world of the destruction he has caused.

Will Vale prevail?

The Bride of Glass is a mixture of humor, romance, violence, darkness, and hope.

The Bride of Glass by Candace Robinson (Glass Vault #2) 

The Bride of Glass (Glass Vault, #2)Perrie has become THE BRIDE OF GLASS and Candace Robinson takes us on a slightly different journey into the world of battle of dark versus light both within her characters and all around them. As Perrie begins as Vale’s puppet for his evil soul and as souls are taken, lost to the depths of dark fairytale scenes, we are thrust headlong into a tumultuous beginning that threatens to force us to re-think the characters we met in book one. Is all as it seems or will there be hope for Perrie and even Vale?

As we are allowed brief snippets of past events, witness rivalries and see more in-depth sharing of viewpoints in this character-driven dark fantasy. Forget figuring out where we will be led, trust me, you will NOT see that ending coming, but the journey there is where the true brilliance lay for this talented author!

Candace Robinson’s style seems to have gotten a little edgier, a little more creative, as she gives us the rest of the story from book one and leaves us with characters (and an author) we cannot help but want to hear more from! Because really, even villains need love and understanding.

I received an ARC edition from Candace Robinson in exchange for my honest review!

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