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The Dragon Medallion by Alexa Whitewolf (The Sage's Legacy #1)

The Dragon Medallion
by Alexa Whitewolf

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Sage's Legacy - Book 1
Publication Date: February 19, 2017
Publisher: Alexa Whitewolf
Genre: YA Fantasy | Coming of Age
Print Length: 160 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
In a world where ghosts roam the Earth, one girl, keeper of a powerful legacy, is the only one capable to save it. Freya Hayes, 16, is a powerful Sage. For the past two years, she has trained in order to master her powers and be able to fight evil ghosts. Now, she will have to see if it was all worth it. When an ancient Viking ghost comes back with a vengeance, Freya is the only one capable to fight it.

Cadmael is all but an ordinary specter, as he has somehow acquired powers never brandished by ghosts before. At first glance, the mission seems as easy as it can get. But Freya will soon discover that “easy” shouldn’t be taken for granted. What the Sage isn’t aware of is that this particular ghost may very well hold the key to many answers she seeks.

Along with her mentor, Professor O’Keeffe and Sam, her twelve-year-old friend ghost, she will do her best to stop the Vikings from taking over London. But what happens when her powers aren’t enough? Will the powerful Cadmael win or will the presence she keeps feeling help Freya defeat him? And if yes, is she ready to accept its help… even it means allowing a few concessions down the road?

Making decisions and keeping her head above the water are not the only things Freya has to deal with. Being a teenager is also part of the challenge.

The Dragon Medallion by Alexa Whitewolf
(The Sage's Legacy #1) 

The Dragon MedallionCenturies before, there was a prophecy that a young woman and a young man would save the world from evils untold. Two gods left relics of power, a medallion and a book and when the time was right these relics would be united and their owners would save the world. That time is coming...

Fast forward to modern times and a world where ghosts roam freely. That is the world Alexa Whitewolf brings us in THE DRAGON MEDALLION when the fate of the world will rest in the magic of a powerful young Sage against an ancient and evil Viking ghost. For two long years Freya has trained to fulfill her destiny as a powerful Sage. With no shortage of self-confidence or talent, Freya will discover that no matter how powerful she is, she may not be able to stop Cadmael on her own and the battle will be lost, unless she can accept the help of a stranger with magic and secrets of his own. Can Brennan convince Freya she needs his help?

Alexa Whitewolf’s take on the possible demise of the world and the creation of her characters’ personalities and interaction is both fascinating and entertaining, a fresh take on the paranormal and the endless battle of good versus evil. Filled with attitude and a sharp tongue, Freya is one strong character, one who uses her brains and her lessons to full advantage. Her one shortcoming could be in trusting in her counterpart, a young wiseman named Brennan, on whose shoulders rest the other half to the prophecy.

Forget any teen-angsty situations and prepare to meet mortal teens who share the seriousness of their mission and the will to see it through as an army of Viking ghosts take on these two teens with the gods watching on. Fabulous dialogue, fabulous pacing and a job well done by Alexa Whitewolf in providing a contemporary tale that began long ago when the gods walked the earth.

I received this copy from Alex Whitewolf in exchange for my honest review.

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