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The Exercise of Vital Powers by Ian Gregoire

The Exercise Of Vital Powers
by Ian Gregoire

My rating: 3.5 stars

Publisher: Lucid Dream; 1 edition (April 21, 2017)
Publication Date: April 21, 2017
Genre: Fantasy | Coming of Age
Print Length: 571 pages
Available from: Amazon
Some Lessons Must Be Learned The Hard Way

Since its inception, The Order has been dedicated to the prevention of the misuse and abuse of magic. For seven decades this mandate has guaranteed peace and stability throughout The Nine Kingdoms. But a potential threat to the peace has emerged, and its source is much closer to home than the leadership of The Order may realise.

Arrogant, manipulative, confrontational and angry. Undesirable qualities in a person at the best of times, but more so in a young woman born with the power to bring kingdoms to their knees. Kayden Jayta, precocious apprentice of The Order, is all these things and more, yet wholly unwilling to acknowledge and rectify her many troubling traits.

Unbeknown to anyone, Kayden’s resolute determination to join the ranks of The Order is born of a secret that puts her priorities at odds with the precepts of the organisation, setting her inexorably on a collision course with the most powerful institution in The Nine Kingdoms.

If Kayden is to be dissuaded from walking the path she has chosen, averting tragic consequences in the process, two unanswered questions must be answered: What is the dark secret guiding Kayden’s actions? And, why has a legendary figure within The Order, with a secret of her own, taken undue interest in Kayden’s future?

The Exercise of Vital Powers by Ian Gregoire

The Exercise Of Vital PowersThe Order is the most powerful group in the Nine Kingdoms. Their mission is to prevent the abuse of magic and provide stability in a world with the magical potential for chaos and destruction, but that very potential for chaos may be training among them. It will be up to the Order to decide if Kayden Jayta has what it takes to become one of the most powerful members of the Order yet or if she must be destroyed to protect the Nine Kingdoms.

Kayden is gifted with intelligence, vast stores of magic and an attitude that makes her far from likable. She has her own agenda of revenge that far exceeds her desire to honor the tenets of the Order, and she will use any means necessary to achieve her goal, including using the Order to hone her magic.

Ian Gregoire’s THE EXERCISE OF VITAL POWERS is the story of one girl’s vendetta, the misuse of power and learning the hidden potential within us all-as well as how we will use it.
Mr. Gregoire has done an amazing job of creating a feeling of tension throughout, while leaving us guessing as to what will happen next, or even how the outcome will turn out. Side stories that run concurrent do add a feeling of balance to his tale, but I wanted more from them. Do not expect to find characters you instantly connect with. Kayden is that kid you want to put in anger management classes. She is the kid you want to like, but just can’t as we are told of her various methods of using others for her own gain. In her defense, she is a person in crisis, unwilling to admit she needs help, too devious and too smart to get caught, so she thinks. Her actions and attitude are that of a self-centered, young teen, not one who seems to be eighteen or nineteen, according to the timeline.

What starts out reading like a wonderful young adult fantasy is quickly realized to have some adult themes that clearly indicate Kayden is in crisis. Other key characters, while not as well-drawn as Kayden added so much to this tale. Incredible feats of magic, of the use of powers are all “invoked,” but we really are not told how. Also, the names for these invocations made it difficult to follow, because how Kayden previously learned them was told as a piece of brief background.
I did like this tale and I can definitely say this author has some writing chops and some true passion for his craft, I just didn’t love it or live within the story with the characters.

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