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The Lavender House by Hilary Boyd

The Lavender House
by Hilary Boyd

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Quercus (August 8, 2017)
Publication Date: August 8, 2017
Genre: Women's Fiction
Print Length: 432 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 Nancy de Freitas is the glue that holds her family together. Caught between her ageing, ailing mother Frances, and her struggling daughter Louise, frequent user of Nancy's babysitting services, it seems Nancy's fate is to quietly go on shouldering the burden of responsibility for all four generations. Her divorce four years ago put paid to any thoughts of a partner to share her later years with. Now it looks like her family is all she has.

Then she meets Jim. Smoker, drinker, unsuccessful country singer and wearer of cowboy boots, he should be completely unsuited to the very together Nancy. And yet, there is a real spark.
But Nancy's family don't trust Jim one bit. They're convinced he'll break her heart, maybe run off with her money - he certainly distracts her from her family responsibilities.

Can she be brave enough to follow her heart? Or will she remain glued to her family's side and walk away from one last chance for love?

The Lavender House by Hilary Boyd

She was part of the “Sandwich Generation.” Nancy has her own life to deal with, but divorce after decades of marriage left her slightly adrift, so her life became wrapped up in being needed by family. When her mother needed her or Nancy thought her mother needed her, she was there. When her daughter needed her, she was there, which was easy, because they were next door neighbors. What Nancy never expected was to find a man she could fall in love with again. She also never expected that she couldn’t fit him neatly into a side-pocket of the life she had created for herself. How could she expect him to be willing to take second to last place on her list of important people? How could she put herself at the bottom of her list, time after time?

When family needs us, we go, period, that is what family is for, but we must always remember we deserve a life and happiness, also. We must remember that if we are so busy giving and letting people take from us, without saving for ourselves, we will run out and we may lose the best thing that could ever have been. Nancy was running on empty.

Nancy is a composite of so many who should be reaching an age where things “get easier” and our time is freer, but she became as dependent on helping others as they became dependent on her. THE LAVENDER HOUSE by Hilary Boyd is a well-written, if slightly painful tale of one woman who has lost her own identity without seeing it reflected in others. When she found love with Jim, she forgot he would have needs, too, for example, needing to do things for her, with her and because of her. Will she lose a second chance for a full life and true happiness?

Hilary Boyd writes in a stark and riveting way, exposing her characters' flaws and dark sides. She has written a tale of humanity, one woman’s loss of her own identity and the struggle to find balance and herself, once again.

I received this copy from Quercus in exchange for my honest review.

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