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The Strategist by Gerrard Cowan (The Machinery, #2)

The Strategist
by Gerrard Cowan

My rating: 3 stars

Trilogy: The Machinery - Book 2
Publisher: HarperVoyager (August 25, 2017)
Publication Date: August 25, 2017
Genre: Sci-fi | Fantasy
Print Length: 247 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Ruin is coming.
For ten millennia, the Machinery Selected the greatest leaders of humanity, bringing glory to the Overland. But the Machinery came with a Prophecy: in the ten thousandth year, it will break, and Ruin will come.
Now, the Prophecy is being fulfilled. The Machinery has Selected a terrible being to rule the Overland, an immortal who cares little for the humans she governs. Some call her the Strategist, others call her the One, everyone knows her as Mother.
Mother will do anything to break the Machinery and finally bring Ruin. She will even make a deal with the oldest creature in creation – her ancient enemy, the Dust Queen.
But if Mother wants her help, first she must play a game. One in which humans are nothing more than pawns, and the world itself is at stake.

The Strategist by Gerrard Cowan (The Machinery, #2)

The Strategist (The Machinery Trilogy, Book 2)How can one play “the game” if there are no rules? With a dream-like or shrouded quality, each interaction becomes like a game or exercise in confusion. There are no straight actions, no straight dialogue, no character remains the same. Picture a whirlpool where all of creation has been added and chaos rules. Places are not as they seem and actions do create the reaction expected and the world seems lost in an eternal nightmare.
The prophecy has been fulfilled, the machinery has broken and Ruin is coming in the form of an eternal being with no concern for humanity. They call her Mother and her plan is to play a game where humanity has no value and her absolute power and control is her ultimate goal. There are those who will try to stop her, but will their efforts be in vain? What is the Choosing? What are “the Hands?”

In a world where the Machinery made a world of greatness, will its breakdown bring the end of all things? How will those who lived by the guidance and faith in the Machinery find the ability to rally for their lives? Is it all a game of memories resurrected? Has life only been a game all along? Will the winner need to find the first memory to win? Is it possible? What if memories are never what we remember?

Gerrard Cowan’s THE STRATEGIST continues the apocalyptic events of THE MACHINERY, with more chaos and less cohesiveness. Told in a chaotic and clipped fashion, this tale jumps from character to character, event to event and is NOT a tale to relax into. I was desperate to be able to jump into this tale, as opposed to chasing after it, but like the internal chaos of this tale, entry seemed impossible.

I received this copy from Harper Voyager in exchange for my honest review.

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