Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Tunnel Rat by John M. Ward

Tunnel Rat
by John M. Ward

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Publication Date: July 20, 2017
Publisher: John M. Ward
Genre: Action | Adventure | Suspense
Print Length: 252 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

When former US Army captain Eric Tucker decided to visit Old City in Jerusalem with his daughter and granddaughter, he thought it would be a chance to get some family time with his girls and enjoy his retirement. But when a terrorist organization threatens his family’s safety, Captain Tucker must reach into his past in order to survive. Can he do so without becoming the cold-blooded killer he once was?

Emir Farouk is falling on hard times, and the loyalty that once came so easily to him is dwindling. When an old man and a teenage girl from America appear in his sights, he believes it is a sign and orders his men to kidnap them. But things don’t go as planned…

What follows is an intense cat-and-mouse game between a powerful terrorist cell and one man who’s determined to protect his family, the woman he loves, and his ship. Captain Tucker can’t—and won’t—give in, even if it means returning to the man who led an elite unit of soldiers into claustrophobic tunnels after their enemies with nothing but flashlights, knives, and pistols: the infamous Tunnel Rats.

Tunnel Rat by John M. Ward

Tunnel RatAnyone holding out for an unsung hero, meet former US Army Captain Eric Tucker, now a father and grandfather, retired and enjoying life aboard his ocean-worthy catamaran. Eric did his time in Viet Nam the hard way, as a TUNNEL RAT, finely trained to be a deadly secret weapon against the enemy, often working alone, knowing it was them or us. It was a job he never romanticized after coming home, but it was a nightmare he would never forget.

Touring Old Jerusalem with his granddaughter, they are accosted and muscle memory and the determination to protect his family put him square in the gun sights of a terrorist organization, an organization determined to save face at any cost. Once again, Eric is called on to become a lethal killing machine, but this time, the stakes are precious, he will do anything to protect his family, the love he has just found and his boat.

Follow a dangerous game of hide and seek on the high seas as one man must recall his training from the darkest moments of his life.

John M. Ward’s TUNNEL RAT is a journey through the memories of one man’s past as he calls on the skills he needs to save his future and bring down a cell of international terrorists at the same time. Sail along with Eric as he stays one step ahead of death just when he finds one more reason to live.

Mr. Ward can write action and suspense! He can write larger than life unsung heroes and he had me fist-pumping for Eric as if I were there. The ocean spray, the grit of an ancient city and even secret a tropical paradise came alive, not to mention some fabulous characters who added just the right touch of manly camaraderie.


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