Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dark Swan by Gena Showalter

Dark Swan

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Written by: Gena Showalter
Print Length: 160 pages
Publisher: Pocket Star
Publication Date: September 25, 2017
Sold by: Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc
Text-to-Speech: Not enabled (for those text to speech listeners out there, Audiobook is available)
Genre: Scifi Romance | Aliens


The Alien Huntress series is back with fan favorite AIR agent Dallas Gutierrez from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling paranormal romance author Gena Showalter, who doesn’t disappoint with this sizzling hot alpha hero.

Lilica Swan isn’t quite human or otherworlder; she is the best—and worst—of both.

She is willing to do whatever proves necessary to save her sister from the seductive and deadly Alien Investigation and Removal agent, Dallas Gutierrez, even bonding her lifeforce to his by effectively marrying him. But the bond will fade without consummation. Can Dallas resist his insatiable desire for the powerful beauty? Or will she lead to his ultimate downfall?

Dark Swan (Otherworld Assassin, #3)Dark Swan by Gena Showalter

It has been awhile since I’ve read an alien based story from Showalter and I’ve forgotten how much I enjoyed these sexually charged encounters, uber alphas and their female counterparts that can kick but with even the super alphas out there.

Genetical experiments, the three sisters are now battling to find their way back to each other when Agent, Dallas Gutierrez is accidentally bonded with deadly, could be a foe.

This is a novella in length, but Showalter still manages to pack a punch. Dark Swan doses us in the sexual chemistry extreme and gives us enough depth filled plot to keep the reader invested.

I received this ARC copy of Dark Swan from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books - Pocket Star. This is my honest and voluntary review. Dark Swan is set for publication September 25, 2017.

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