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See by Lee Ann Ward

by Lee Ann Ward

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Evernight Teen (June 7, 2017)
Publication Date: June 7, 2017
Genre: YA Mystery/Thriller
Print Length: 233 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Carlie Henson is pretty, popular, and an All-American girl. She has a gorgeous boyfriend and a mother who lives to keep her safe. Probably because everyone is drawn to Carlie…including the murderers she has the ability to identify when she looks in the eyes of their victims.

Keeping Carlie’s secret is pretty simple when all she has to do is avoid dead people. But when a cheerleader at her high school is murdered and the killer seems to have gotten away with it, Carlie knows what she has to do. With the help of her boyfriend, Dillon, she devises a plan to see what she must, no matter her personal safety.

But when Dillon is the one who’s injured in the showdown with the killer, Carlie vows to never help anyone again…until the next young woman attacked is her best friend, Jenna.

 See by Lee Ann Ward

SeeShe looks into the eyes of the dead and sees their murderers and it makes her a magnet for danger, herself. Carlie is anything but a normal teen and protecting her is anything but easy, just ask her mother and her boyfriend, Dillon. But when Dillon is hurt trying to help Carlie discover the latest victim’s killer, Carlie vows she is through until her best friend is the latest girl attacked. Now all bets are off as Carlie risks everything to stop a killer in his tracks.

Lee Ann Ward has created a tale of mystery with a touch of the paranormal and a whole lot of realism in the characters she has brought to life. SEE is not another cookie-cutter young adult mystery/romance. Carlie is a strong heroine with a wonderful bond between both herself and her mother and her boyfriend, Dillon. She is bright, compassionate and mature, making her a breath of fresh air in the YA genre! Ms. Ward has given her characters believable personalities and has allowed Carlie to grow throughout each page, while giving a terrifying backstory to explain Carlie’s “gift.” Low angst, high intrigue and a rapid pace make this young adult read magnetic!

Ms. Ward has nailed another read that seems in touch with young adults’ behavior, dialogue while still building one heck of an intriguing mystery! A hidden gem for sure and even better, it is a standalone read that doesn’t leave one hanging on by their fingertips for “the rest of the story.” It’s all right here, right now!

I received this copy from Lee Ann Ward!

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