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The Last Man Complete Trilogy by Tobias Wade

The Last Man
The Fantasy Series of Enlightenment
by Tobias Wade

My rating: 4 stars

Complete Trilogy: The Last Man: The Fantasy Series of Enlightenment
Publisher: Tobias Wade (May 27, 2014)
Publication Date: May 27, 2014
Genre: YA Coming of Age - Fantasy
Print Length: 646 pages
Available from: Amazon
Farris did not believe in the old stories. Grandmother Rochette spoke of such strange things: monsters and magic and impossible heroes who could only exist in legend. But when Tom, her little brother, is kidnapped by the same monsters Grandmother spoke of, Farris is forced to change her view of reality in order to save him.

Following Tom and his captors sends Farris below the crust of the earth, where layer after layer of new worlds await. She travels both within the mind and without, taking a path of harrowing adventure and personal enlightenment as she tries to free Tom. Unlikely companions join her, from her faithful goat Bumble to Gloria the magical fish, a seemingly trustworthy dweller of the Brass City, and Sasha … a man who knows far more about her than he should.  

 The Last Man Complete Trilogy by Tobias Wade

The Last Man: The Fantasy Series of Enlightenment - Complete TrilogyGrandmother Rochette always warned of the monsters in her stories, but Farris didn’t see them for anything but fantasy until her younger brother, Tom was taken and those monsters became far too real. Now guilt and the desperate need to save her brother will send Farris on a journey of both the mind and body as she dares to travel deep into the bowels of the earth through untold dangers. For Farris, there will be a price to pay, but both her guilt in not believing and her need to find young Tom is worth any cost. What Farris didn’t see coming was the personal growth she would achieve, the truths and lies she would uncover and the value in the journey itself. For a young girl who was once too wrapped up in her crush and growing up, this journey would forever change who and what she will become, but what will it do to Tom, if he can survive his captors? Why was he chosen to be taken? Is it his youth, his innocence or his belief in the stories from Grandmother? Enter a world where names and naming have power and other races live far from the realm of humans.

Follow Farris’ journey along with her unlikely allies, her goat, a talking fish and Sasha, a young man she once cared for, but can no longer remember. Heroes will dies, truths will be uncovered and lessons will be learned as riddle after riddle are presented and Farris is forced to ferret out their meaning in order to continue her quest.

Tobias Wade’s THE LAST MAN: THE FANTASY SERIES OF ENLIGHTENMENT Trilogy often brought to mind the Beatles’ song, “Come Together” with its mystical and surreal feel. Books one and two were centered around Farris as we witness an envious, child, too caught up in her own world to see beyond what she can see and touch become a young woman, fierce in her convictions to brave the unknown to save the brother who often was a thorn in her side. Definitely not quick or light reading, the writing is both thought-provoking and intense.

Book three really had me, hook, line and sinker as Farris comes even closer to finding Tom, who now plays the role of a participating character, as opposed to the unknown “quest.” Sometimes life’s journey shows us truths we would rather not see, but it does make us stronger for all we go through and everyone is a product of their own journey with a path that differs from ours.

Fantasy characters, levels of reality and the magic of storytelling all make this trilogy one that begs to be savored, lived and believed in, if only for a while! Tobias Wade pays particular attention to creating his world with a keen sense of mystery and a feeling that if we blink, we will lose an important point in his sometimes dizzying puzzles to solve, but suddenly hours have gone by and I never even noticed!

I received this copy from Tobias Wade!

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