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The Law of Tall Girls by Joanne Macgregor

The Law of Tall Girls
by Joanne Macgregor

Publication Date: September 1, 2017
Publisher: Joanne Macgregor
Genre: YA | Coming of Age | Acceptance
Print Length: 307 pages
Available from: Amazon
When you really stand out, can you ever fit in?

Seventeen-year-old Peyton Lane is a tall girl. So tall, it’s the only thing most people notice about her.

On impulse, she accepts a bet to prove she can be as attractive and desirable as other girls. Now she just needs to go on four dates (including the prom) with one of the guys on her very short list of very tall boys.

Number one on the list is Jay Young – the new guy that Peyton already likes way more than she should. Because not only is Jay already taken, he’s also breaking her Law of Tall Girls, and he’s determined to discover the awful secret she’s been hiding for most of her life.

Funny and romantic, The Law of Tall Girls is a feel-good, heart-warming read for anyone who’s ever felt different, or like they just don’t belong.  

The Law of Tall Girls by Joanne Macgregor

The Law of Tall GirlsMany of us have been guilty of it, commenting or staring at “that” girl who is taller than the average female. If we see them on a runway or in a magazine, we want to achieve “the look” they are advertising. What about the tall girls who aren’t on the runway, who are teens, already struggling with their identity, their comfort zone, their lives and trying to fit in? Joanne Macgregor has nailed that teenage insecurity in THE LAW OF TALL GIRLS and she has done it with heart, humor and the ability to crawl into the mind of one tall girl who just wanted to feel good in her own skin and made some foolish mistakes on the way to achieving that goal.

Peyton is taller than many of the boys at her school, which make the dating pool pretty small, but the “new” boy has caught her eye and her heart and she doesn’t even know him! It didn’t help her ego that this young man, well over six feet tall was already taken by a petite girl, completely violating the law of tall girls, which pretty much says tall boys should date tall girls, not average or petite ones. But there is more on Peyton’s plate than her height. Her home life is dysfunctional and her hopes for college are dim, unless she can raise the money to pay her way. AND.THAT. WAS. HER. FIRST. MISTAKE.

It would be that mistake that will teach her more about herself and those around her than she ever could have imagined. Would she find it worth the pain she will cause? Will the one chance she has to find romance be destroyed by her foolish act?

For anyone who has ever felt out of place or like a misfit, Peyton’s story will tear at your heart, even knowing that in later years, the pain may still be there, yet dulled, but at the time, it is a brutal blow that gets compounded by her peers. Joanne Macgregor’s story will take you back to high school and cause you to re-examine yourself, while taking us into Peyton’s world and seeing life through her eyes. In turn, heart-warming and heart-breaking, this wonderfully written tale should be a must read for everyone, not just for the brilliant voice of this author, but for Peyton and the lessons she learned the hard way.

I received this copy from Joanne Macgregor!

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