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Thunder Moon by Tonya Coffey (A New World, #4)

Thunder Moon
by Tonya Coffey

My rating: 5 stars

Series: A New World - Book 4
Publisher: Saguaro Books, LLC (September 15, 2017)
Publication Date: September 15, 2017
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 167 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Micha, King of Ancients, hoped the fighting between the realms would ease since the treat had been eliminated, yet the forest is filled with enemies who are not what they seem. They can be a plant, animal or even disguised as a friend.
While Micha battles Shifters, old enemies and himself, Jessa struggles to regain her life. A friend, in the spirit world, guides her through the adjustments of the truth, allowing her to uncover the Wars true beginning and of a man who will stop at nothing to obtain the True Power.
Micha must tread lightly as the Shadows reorganize the kingdom, demanding a union between Micha and Roselle. His only hope for happiness is for the curse Jessa cast upon herself to be broken by a Sorcerer, a man he did not trust. Will the King get his true Queen or will evil win?

Thunder Moon by Tonya Coffey (A New World, #4)

Thunder Moon (A New World, #4)Jessa is paying the price for love, her soul wrenched from her lifeless body which now lays like an empty shell, hidden from the prying eyes of the Shadows. As she awakens in the spirit world, she must find a way back to her body or die forever.

As Micha reels from the loss of Jessa, watching her body wither away, he is forced to face his duties as the king and must prepare to marry a woman who has proven her devious ways. Can he go through with the charade? Can he risk losing Jessa forever through no fault of their own? What if Jessa never awakens, can Micha go on? There is something dark and sinister going on and the signs point to a change of epic proportions. As Jessa learns of the treachery from the spirit world, the clock ticks down on any chance for a future with Micha…Will Jessa learn the secret to reuniting her soul and her body?

THUNDER MOON by Tonya Coffey is the latest installment of the tumultuous love story of Micha and Jessa as once again, forces work to keep them apart and destroy all they have worked for to create a new World for their people. Ms. Coffey holds nothing back in this heartbreaking tale of romantic fantasy. The devotion between the two main characters comes through solid and painfully intense, even though they are literally worlds apart, thanks to both of their POVs being told. Feel the desperation, the frustration and the dangers from both known and unknown sources.

Dark fantasy romance, magical creatures that hide their true natures and the power of love, truly a battle of wills when good must fight evil in the name of love and the future of the world!

I am voluntarily reviewing a complimentary copy.

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