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Blink: The Series - Breaking Branches by J. Kahele

Blink: The Series - Breaking Branches
by J. Kahele

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Blink - Book 1
Publication Date: Coming soon!
Publisher: J. Kahele
Genre: Coming of Age | Fantasy
Paperback: 270 pages
Available from: Amazon

Tragedy strikes Tia (Christia) Cartwright at the tender age of fourteen and she employs alcohol as a coping mechanism, to rid the haunting memories.
By eighteen she is a full-fledged alcoholic. Attempting to find sobriety, she makes the decision to move, with her cousin Nick, to a place where she had been happy as a child, her parents' vacation house in Maui.
Sobering up is a struggle for her. The detoxing more difficult than she realizes. She seeks comfort for her troubles in the ocean and all its surroundings. It's here she encounters the woman on the cliff. A woman with breathtaking beauty and eyes that draw her in. A woman who will change her life forever.

 Blink: The Series - Breaking Branches by J. Kahele

Blink: The Series - Breaking BranchesFourteen is a trying time for a girl, caught in the middle between childhood and adulthood when family support is the most crucial. For Tia, that is also when she witnessed the brutal deaths of her parents the siren call of alcohol turned her into a full-fledged alcoholic by eighteen. With her cousin Nick as her support system, and a paradise retreat to go to, Tia will try once again for sobriety and to calm the raging demons that swirl in her head. Will the gentle lull of ocean waves sooth the cravings she feels or will she find that the pain of detox is too much to bare? If only Tia knew what was waiting for her in her future and how strong she would have to be…

BLINK:BREAKING BRANCHES proves once again that J. Kahele has that special gift of pulling her readers in with heart wrenching drama, then creating a world of chaos for them that we feel every step of the way. She also has the creative power to turn on a dime and throw in a twist that leaves readers hanging from their fingertips grasping for more one more page as quickly as possible!

After meeting Ella, someone she feels she can instantly call a friend, she meets Michael, who is like fingernails on a chalkboard, yet always manages to have Tia’s back. Why would the two hottest people on the island want to befriend Tia with all of her hidden problems? How does she tell them about her past, her illness and still be able to look them in the eye?

Not only will Tia learn there is more to their friendship than meets the eye, she will learn that there is more to fear than a bottle of alcohol and it has set its sights on her. Will Tia finally believe in herself and how special she really is? Will she free herself from the demons of the past to embrace the powers she possesses in the present and into the future?

Didn’t see this one coming and again, J. Kahele has given me hours of both pain and pleasure in a world filled with sun, sand and secrets as one young woman not only discovers who and what she is, but finds an inner warrior willing to stand strong.
Fabulous writing from a fabulous author!

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary ARC!

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