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Borne of Sand and Scorn by Lindsey Pogue (Forgotten Lands, Prequel)

Borne of Sand and Scorn
by Lindsey Pogue

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Forgotten Lands - Prequel
Publication Date: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Lindsey Pogue
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
Print Length: 126 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Death favors no one. 
In the bustling industrial cities of Victorian America, soot clouds darken the skies, plaguing citizens with Black Lung. Rich or poor, young or old, no matter their station, no one is able to escape the life-threatening disease, and the West family is no exception. 

Overcome by death and sickness, the Wests flee to the New Territories for refuge, only to discover more devastation. Wind and drought ravage the land and no one is safe. No place on earth is untouched by The Shift.
Borne of Sand and Scorn is the prelude to the post-apocalyptic adventure, Dust and Shadow, and is a Forgotten Lands Series Prequel. 

Borne of Sand and Scorn by Lindsey Pogue 
(Forgotten Lands, Prequel)

Borne of Sand and ScornNature had to fight back somehow when its warnings were not heeded by the Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth century and it did so in a brutal and deadly way, The Shift. Humanity has fouled the air, the earth and brought death upon itself within its cities and one family will be among many who venture to the untamed West, in hopes of finding fresh air, blue skies, untainted soil and a chance at survival.

When Lizzie West’s family arrived in Sagebrush Canyon, little did they know it would be too late to start over in a hoped for paradise, nature has already begun to fight back. This small town that relies on commerce, trade and the lifeline of the train tracks that run through it will become the front line for devastation as water becomes scarce, animals fail to flourish and crops dwindle to parched stalks. Then the dust storms came, leaving destruction and death in their wake, and Lizzie will discover there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and her time is running out. Sagebrush is dying as surely as she is.

BORNE OF SAND AND SCORN by Lindsey Pogue recounts the history of The Shift and the ignorance of the people who refused to believe they were as vulnerable as anyone else, in spite of the signs. A once young and thriving town will wither under the drought, the winds and the isolation created by the dependence on the outside world. This is a story that isn’t as far-fetched as it seems, where good people follow leaders who fail to heed the warnings and the signs all around them.

Lindsey Pogue brings this history to life with a cast of characters that feel real, from the sheer weight of their circumstances to their sheer terror at the realization of what has happened to their world after The Shift as they become part of the Forgotten Lands. Read this before or after book one, DUST AND SHADOW and witness how Sagebrush Canyon began its downward spiral two hundred years before as Mother Nature and human nature collide. A brilliant, and slightly dark read with a beautiful, if mysterious link that endures the Shift. Ms. Pogue knows how to create a world and an atmosphere that is fascinating! Not sure I was all that happy with thinking I needed to brush the sand out of my teeth, yep, that realistic!

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy from Lindsey Pogue

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