Thursday, October 12, 2017

Christmas Hostage by Jane Blythe (Christmas Romantic Suspense #1)

Christmas Hostage
by Jane Blythe

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Christmas Romantic Suspense - Book 1
Expected Release: December 1, 2017
Publisher: Bear Spots
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Number of Pages: 217
Tragedy tore them apart now its giving them a second chance.

FBI Agent Tom Drake has been investigating a string of armed robberies at jewelry stores. The last person he expects to see when he arrives at the scene of the latest robbery is his ex-wife Hannah Buffy.

Hannah is conflicted about seeing her ex-husband again, especially when he starts claiming he thinks the robbery at her store isn't related to the other ones. Is this just another excuse for Tom to treat her like a victim or could he be right?

** Warning: Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault/abuse **

Christmas Hostage by Jane Blythe
(Christmas Romantic Suspense #1)

Christmas HostageHannah and Tom had it all, love, a beautiful home that felt like a safe haven where no one could touch them, but most of all they had each other, until the night of pure, living hell that broke them.

Tom was forced to witness the most brutal act of torture he could imagine and he was helpless to do anything to help Hannah. As an FBI agent, he had failed. As a husband he was gutted and helpless, and he felt he had failed.

Hannah will never be the same after that night, but she has struggled “her way” to heal, to deal with the scars and to learn to live again. It was that need to NOT be a victim that came between Tom, weighted down with guilt and Hannah, desperate to regain her life. Their marriage was over, the true victim of the night from Hell.

Now Hannah must see Tom again, when her jewelry store is robbed. Was it just one of a string of similar robberies or is there something personal about this robbery? While Tom is convinced there is more to the armed break-in than random selection, Hannah fears he is trying once again, to make her feel weak, to undo the gains she has made, but is he? Could his cop instincts be correct or does the fact that they have unfinished love to share cloud the facts? Is it possible to re-kindle a love that never should have died? Can these two learn to listen to what the other is saying? It isn’t possible to undo the past, but the future is yet to be seen…

Do you believe in second chance love, even after it was torn from its very foundations? Jane Blythe’s CHRISTMAS HOSTAGE doesn’t have fluffy snowmen or dancing reindeer, it has grit, two hearts each pulling for the same result, not even aware they are pulling in opposite directions, but most of all, it has love learning to be exactly what it should be…there when it is needed.
Do you want to read about a truly strong heroine? Meet Hannah. Oh, she isn’t rock hard, she is real, not afraid to have a soft side and she has struggled to get there, to trust again, and Jane Blythe has certainly put her to the test.

Post-review note: This author sends messages in PINK ink, yet her stories are raw and not for the faint of heart, but they also bring out the best in people, too.

I am voluntarily reviewing an ARC edition from Jane Blythe!


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