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City of Lies by Victoria Thompson (Counterfeit Lady, #1)

City of Lies
by Victoria Thompson

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Counterfeit Lady - Book 1
Publisher: Berkley (November 7, 2017)
Publication Date: November 7, 2017
Genre: Historical Mystery/Suspense
Print Length: 320 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Elizabeth Miles scours 1920’s Washington, D.C. for a killer in the first Counterfeit Lady novel from the author of the New York Times bestselling Gaslight mysteries.

Every woman plays a part—but some are more dangerous than others…

Like most women, Elizabeth Miles assumes many roles; unlike most, hers have made her a woman on the run. Living on the edge of society, Elizabeth uses her guile to relieve so-called respectable men of their ill-gotten gains. But brutal and greedy entrepreneur Oscar Thornton is out for blood. He’s lost a great deal of money and is not going to forgive a woman for outwitting him. With his thugs hot on her trail, Elizabeth seizes the moment to blend in with a group of women who have an agenda of their own.

She never expects to like or understand these privileged women, but she soon comes to respect their intentions, forming an unlikely bond with the wealthy matriarch of the group whose son Gabriel is the rarest of species—an honest man in a dishonest world. She knows she’s playing a risky game, and her deception could be revealed at any moment, possibly even by sharp-eyed Gabriel. Nor has she been forgotten by Thornton, who’s biding his time within this gilded orbit, waiting to strike. Elizabeth must draw on her wits and every last ounce of courage she possesses to keep her new life from being cut short by this vicious shadow from her past.

City of Lies by Victoria Thompson (Counterfeit Lady, #1)

City of Lies (Counterfeit Lady, #1)
It was supposed to be a great con, easy money, but this time Elizabeth Miles finds the “respectable” businessman she has conned is a brutal and deadly con man himself and he is out for both his lost money and revenge. Running scared, Elizabeth gets herself carted off with the women of the Suffragists’ movement and for a woman on the run, jail may be the safest place for her.

Little did Elizabeth realize, these women would change her life and introduce her to a world of privilege and women who are equally as strong as she is and not the pampered princesses she always thought them to be. Now she has one last con to pull and it will take all of her skills, skills that could cost her newfound friendships and even her heart. Who knew doing the right thing could be even riskier than being a grifter?

With a villain as dastardly as Snidely Whiplash and a romantic interest as honorable as Dudley Dooright, our sweet Elizabeth is up to her neck in lies, cons and a new found conscience that lights up each page of this fast-paced and fascinating read!

CITY OF LIES by Victoria Thompson provides a little history, a little drama, some tense moments, and a delightful cast of characters that make this trip back in time a wonderful escape! While Elizabeth may not be the typical heroine, she is a truly memorable and lovable character who steals the show as she manages to shine across each page and wiggle herself out of each predicament she finds herself in! A fun read for sure!

I received an ARC edition from Berkley in exchange for my honest and voluntary review!

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