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Curveball Baby by J.M. Maurer

Curveball Baby
by J.M. Maurer
Publication Date: November 14, 2017
Publisher: J.M. Maurer
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Page Count: 238 pages
Available from: Amazon
Most of Addison’s days start the same. She walks to work, brushes off the townsfolks’ disapproval, and fixes any-and-all local catastrophes. But there’s not a single resident in Willow Run who doesn’t know that’s all about to change.

For MLB pitching phenom Ben Peterson, returning to Willow Run is like stepping into another world. Back in town, he’s poised to do more than merely get his head on straight. For the last six months, his thoughts have been centered around one thing—the beautiful small-town girl who taught him there’s more to life than hurling a baseball.

 Curveball Baby by J.M. Maurer

Curveball BabySix months ago, Ben and Addison made a brief connection that neither of them have ever forgotten. Now Ben is back in small town Willow Run, and his heart couldn’t be happier, or more afraid, what if Addison is taken? What if she doesn’t feel the same? MLB pitcher Ben Peterson may need to get his head on straight to get back in the game he loves, but the quirky old lady next door just may be more than the town busy body and she is not above playing her own game, one sneaky pitch at a time. What does Mrs. Timley know that his coach doesn’t?

Addison has had her share of grief, but her heart is huge and everyone knows who to call when they need help, even as they stare at the obvious changes she is undergoing. The town busy body gives her grief, but this time, she seems to have gone overboard and why does it seem to put her and Ben on a collision course at every turn? Could the feisty senior really be playing Major League Cupid or is she the ultimate Santa’s helper parading as the Grinch?

It doesn’t take a statistician to know it is literally the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded, the count is 2 and 3 and the outcome is in the hands of the pitcher. We can only hope he doesn’t get his signals crossed and miss his chance at love.

J.M. Maurer’s CURVEBALL BABY scores the winning run for sweet romance just in time for the Holidays, because isn’t that when special gifts are given? Two people, mixed signals, an accidental “homerun” and Mrs. Timley, romance just can’t get any sweeter, more confusing or face any more less-than-private moments! Ms. Maurer has created that Holiday Heart-warming tale that will leave your romantic soul humming and your funny bone chuckling, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” Yep, this Christmas will be unlike any Willow Run has ever seen!

I have voluntarily reviewed this ARC edition!

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  1. Thank you for sharing Addison & Ben's story with your readers!! I really appreciate it, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed Curveball Baby. :D