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Demon Lust and Fairy Dust by Kay Brandt

Demon Lust and Fairy Dust
by Kay Brandt

My rating: 3.5 stars

Publisher: Excessica Publishing (October 31, 2014)
Publication Date: October 31, 2014
Genre: Fantasy Erotica
Print Length: 52 pages
Available from: Amazon Perma-Free!
Five beloved childhood tales become wildly erotic adventures. Come experience a decadent journey where legendary fairytale characters are set free to explore their deepest, and darkest sexual desires. Uniquely twisted and explicit reworkings of these precious stories reveal a different side of the fabled and legendary ladies. Snow White awakens from a deathly sleep as a demon starving for pleasures of the flesh. Tinkerbell seeks revenge on Peter after he leaves her for Wendy, and engages in forbidden behavior with the inhabitants of Never Land. Sage (Jasmine) fantasizes of having extramarital affairs and acts on her passionate will. Alice (in Wonderland) is a young woman embracing her lusty nature after experiencing submissive interactions with a queen dominatrix, and learns the “ropes,” as well as the whips and chains. Elle (Cinderella) empowers herself with the guidance of a horny, mystical godfather and escapes from her evil stepmother's control to perform for the prince at his coming out party.

Demon Lust and Fairy Dust by Kay Brandt

Demon Lust and Fairy DustDo we ever outgrow fairytales, even if we see them differently as adults, they still hold something magical. Well, get ready to re-meet those sweet characters in an entirely new light, because they just grew up, too and are a little wicked and saucy, and yes, they like grown up things!

DEMON LUST AND FAIRY DUST by Kay Brandt is a spicy version of what happens in the “Happily Ever After,” and you may find yourself needing some ice water and a fan as Tinkerbell, Cinderella and more lose their innocent facades and literally uncover their inner vixens.

A quick read, light and definitely something to warm one up on a cold, winter night when “once upon a time” sizzles with erotic passions and the only blushes will be yours.

I am voluntarily reviewing this copy!
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

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