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Falling for Mr. Wright by Robyn Neeley

Falling for Mr. Wright
by Robyn Neeley

Series: Bachelors in Suits - Book 1
Publication Date: December 4, 2017
Publisher: Entangled - Lovestruck
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy - Holiday

After being dumped two weeks before his wedding, civil engineer Ryan Wright’s not interested in love. Been there, done that, had the wedding deposits to prove it. Still, he can’t help lusting after the fiery redheaded executive assistant who’s stirring up feelings that aren’t exactly appropriate for the office.

Sarah Leonard is determined to make the CEO fall in love with her. To execute her plan, she’s going to need a little help in the form of her lunch buddy, the 6’2” office hottie who just so happens to be their boss’s best friend. Who better to tell Sarah everything she needs to know to win the other man’s heart?

Ryan agrees to help Sarah put her plan in motion, but he has no intention of helping her win anything. In fact, it’s time to show his office crush that he’s the guy she should be falling for…

Falling for Mr. Wright by Robyn Neeley

Falling for Mr. WrightAll Sarah had to do was turn around and open her eyes, but her “love” blinders could only see Logan, the handsome CEO of the firm she worked for. Christmas is right around the corner and she is determined to make Logan notice her. Who better to enlist to help her than Logan’s lifelong best friend and her lunch buddy, the easy-to-talk –to, easy-to-look-at, Ryan, the guy who is pretty perfect himself, but is completely anti-relationship when it comes to himself.

Yep, this Christmas and every Christmas, she wants to find herself under the Mistletoe with Logan and Ryan is going to give her an arsenal of tips to make it so. Okay, so that is what he said, but it isn’t what his heart wants…NOT that he wants a relationship with the beautiful Sarah, because he doesn’t do the “L” word anymore. Period. So, why does helping Sarah win Logan bother him so much? It isn’t like he has any feelings for her other than friendship, right???? RIGHT??

Robyn Neeley’s FALLING FOR MR. WRIGHT is THAT holiday read! Two insecure people, both clearly blinded to the reality their hearts know, neither quite able to admit there’s an elephant in the room with their initials carved in a heart…Sweet, funny, frustrating, the perfect Holiday Magic Romance! Ms. Neeley had me just loving this light and airy tale of two reasonably intelligent people, each with their side of the story! Oh, and a passion for my favorite candy…

I am voluntarily reviewing an ARC edition from Entangled Publishing/ Lovestruck!

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