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Fix Me by Lisa Cronkhite

Fix Me
by Lisa M. Cronkhite

My rating: 3 stars

Publisher: Flux (November 28, 2017)
Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Genre: Drug Abuse | Dark Fiction
Number of Pages: 256
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Penelope Wryter's life has been a mess ever since her sister committed suicide a year ago. Now Pen's hooked on Fix, an illegal drug that makes her feel, think, and see differently. The hallucinations are intense, but there's one vision that keeps Pen coming back for more--Nate. He's the only person who cares about her. Too bad he's just a side effect of the drug. Pen knows she's going nowhere fast. She's desperate to change. But when she tries to say goodbye to Nate, he professes his love for her making her more confused than ever. Then, when a girl from school goes missing during a bad Fix trip, Pen realizes she may be in a lot more danger than she ever imagined. Unless Pen straightens up and faces reality quick, she might be the next missing girl on the list.  

 Fix Me by Lisa Cronkhite

Fix MeDrugs, addiction and the ease that minors can obtain their next high, their next escape into oblivion. This is Penelope’s story of loss, emotional and physical dependence and her fear of recovery, another form of loss in itself. Her sister committed suicide, and we wonder why Penelope doesn’t take that as a wake-up call to sobriety, but we forget she is a teen, emotionally immature and worse, floundering in a dysfunctional one parent family.

FIX ME by Lisa M. Cronkhite is dark, heavy with tension and a stifling atmosphere as we witness one teenaged addict’s life through her twisted thoughts and skewed perceptions. Penelope’s perspective is often mired in the haze of a drug-induced fog. The illogical becomes logical, the unreal becomes believable and the thought of never having her next fix is terrifying. Will the ghosts that haunt Penelope cut her loose and allow her to get clean or is it too late for her, no matter who has her back?

There is no great epiphany for Penelope, she knows throughout this tale she has a problem, she caves to her weakness and her craving as easily as a knife cuts butter. Dark and moving at a ponderous pace, this is a stark and raw tale of human weakness as mere children become willing lambs to slaughter in the hands of addictive drugs and the lies they tell themselves. While I felt Pen’s inner turmoil, it took little for her to repeat her mistakes over and over, at any cost. She never came across as one who could succeed in redeeming herself, making her less than an ideal role model for hope and the hard work she would face to stave off the instant gratification of drugs.

I received an ARC edition from Flux.

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