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Fractured Refuge by Annabelle McInnes (The Refuge Trilogy)

Fractured Refuge
by Annabelle McInnes

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Series: The Refuge Trilogy - Book 2
Publisher: Escape Publishing - Harlequin Enterprises, Australia Pty Ltd (November 1, 2017)
Publication Date: November 12, 2017
Genre: Dystopian LGBT
Print Length: 219 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

They thought they’d found a refuge, but the battle for survival has only just begun...

Surrounded by the destruction of the human race, Euan, Nick, and Kira find solace in one another, making their underground bunker a haven and a home. Sheltered under layers of steel and cement, they should be safe, but danger isn’t always kept outside — sometimes the enemy is within.

When their electronic warning system detects intruders, Euan and Nick must investigate. Outside, they discover the true terror that is approaching, and Euan must make a terrible decision: stay or go. To stay is to watch the only people he loves perish under the weight of pure evil. To leave is to face his certain death to protect them and potentially save humankind.

Despite all his preparation, skills, and strength, Euan knows that each decision carries the risk that he could destroy them all.

Fractured Refuge by Annabelle McInnes (The Refuge Trilogy)

Fractured Refuge (The Refuge Trilogy)They thought they were relatively safe in their secluded bunker. They had supplies, weapons, medicines and each other. Seeing himself as the protector, Euan will risk his very life to keep his lovers Nick and Kira safe…especially Kira, a female, now a rare commodity in what has become a barbaric and deadly world. If anything would happen to her, mankind has one less chance to survive.

FRACTURED REFUGE by Annabelle McInnes is a high tension, gritty tale of survival in the face of evil, of hanging on by a thread, isolated and lone, trusting in no one but each other. It is a story of one man, who must leave the cocoon of those he loves to save them, how he used their trust in him to trick them into staying behind and hopefully safe. It is a story of truths revealed, misconceptions wearily righted, the vile brutality that one human will willingly inflict on another.

Annabelle McInnes does a marvelous job of setting a bleak atmosphere where little shines but that said, while her prose IS intense, it is too flowery at times and very repetitious, particularly in describing each other. In a world so dark and desolate, where a person must be a warrior to survive, it just seemed out of place to me. Then again, if the world around me was pure Hell and I had only one small oasis, perhaps I would see things differently.

I received an invitation to read and review this ARC from Escape.

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