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Hard Breaker by Christen Warren (Gargoyles #6)

Hard Breaker

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Written by: Christen Warren
Series: Gargoyles Series
Sequence in Series: Book 6
Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Publication Date: October 31, 2017
ISBN-10: 1250077397
Genre: Scifi Fantasy
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From New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren comes the sixth book in her red-hot romance series in which even the most beastly gargoyle is able to win the heart of a beautiful human woman.

Ivy Beckett has a special gift. She can hear voices, feel events, and receive messages from great distances. Which is also a curse. The moment her family is killed by the servants of the Darkness, she knows it. And the only way to fight these evil forces is to align her powers with a Guardian. A legendary warrior of stone who strikes fear in her heart―and fire in her soul…

Baen is a fierce and powerful gargoyle who has sworn to protect all humans from the Darkness. But when this mighty winged warrior swoops down to rescue Ivy from the jaws of death, he is drawn into a battle that is more dangerous―and more intimate―than he ever bargained for. The beautiful, gifted Ivy touches something deep within him, an all-consuming passion that puts both their lives at risk. Can he conquer the armies of evil itself . . . without losing the woman he loves?
Hard Breaker (Gargoyles #6)Hard Breaker by Christine Warren

Seven Guardians to protect humans from evil when evil is at its greatest. Legendary, and not all male anymore, the guardians are amazing warriors.

Baen wakes to the battle cries of Ivy Beckett, a gifted human, who has been attacked by demons. This awakening creates a bond, unlike anything, knew to the Guardian history before. Baen just knows Ivy is his mate.

This is my first book into the Gargoyle series and I believe the final book in this series. I must say that I quickly picked up on the plot and was able to follow the story completely. That being said, I would like to revisit the previous stories because each individual waking must contain an amazing tale if it holds to Baen’s and Ivy’s.

Heated chemistry, superior alpha warriors and amazing woman and or man to back them up while the gates of hell are busting open, what more could any scifi fantasy ask for.

I received this ARC copy of Hard Breaker from St. Martin's Press. This is my honest and voluntary review. Hard Breaker is set for publication Oct 31, 2017.

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