Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jane Once More by J.G. Dow

Jane Once More
by J.G. Dow

My rating: 4 stars

Sequel to Jane of Manchester
Publisher: Dow Books (October 6, 2017)
Publication Date: October 6, 2017
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 191 pages
Available from: Amazon
Jane is back and so are her friends and family but time stands still for no-one, as they say, and so has she moved on at all with her life?

Carrying on from the first book, Jane of Manchester, there is plenty of fun left to be had as Jane and her friends continue to have a laugh in the city, but change may be just around the corner...

More giggles, good times and drama from Jane and the crew!
Jane Once More by J.G. Dow

Jane Once More
Jane-the average, contemporary woman, living on her own, giving us her story in an almost diary – like way. Follow Jane from day to day, week to weekend, bar to bar and meal to meal. Watch Jane live most of her communications via text as her next invitation for drinks comes up, or last minute plans are arraigned.

Comedic in its own way, Jane’s life is almost too predictable as she plays satellite to events around her, sometimes actually getting involved in more than a peripheral way from weddings to births, birthdays to meeting the parents of the hot guy who may or may not be more than a good friend.
Once again, the highlights of Jane’s life seems to revolve around alcohol and the morning after, always a crapshoot on how she will feel, only to move on and repeat the process over and over, even as she FINALLY wants to say no, which she doesn’t, by the way.

J.G. Dow’s JANE ONCE MORE makes being regular and unremarkable almost fashionable! Seriously, do people really stream 90% of their communication through texts? Do they start a new chapter, literally, with a recap of what happened after that last time drinking just a little too much? And geez, I envy the woman, I have never read so much about food, either take away, made at home or eaten out, this woman should weigh a ton! Food and drink seem to mark her existence, then just when you think, oh, wow, this is IT…cliffhanger!

J.G. Dow does a great job being inside the mind, heart and soul of a single woman while dragging us in there, too. Pretty sure my liver was actually screaming at me when I finished!

I am voluntarily reviewing this copy.


  1. Fascinating review, Dii, by you. It makes me want to read the book, just to see what she's eating and drinking. LOL Very interesting, and of course, the whole social media slant. Makes you wonder, yeah?

    1. Hi Hebby! Jane is NOT a fussy eater! I am not sure I know anyone who meets people for drinks so often with others! Each chapter starts with the aftermath of her eating/drinking! Read book one first if you decide to give it a try...but I will say this is the better of the two!