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McCall Company: Emboozlement by Rich Leder

McCall Company: Emboozlement
by Rich Leder

My rating: 5 stars
Series: McCall & Company - Book 3
Publisher: Laugh Riot Press (September 8, 2017)
Publication Date: September 8, 2017
Genre: Satire | Humor |Mystery
Print Length: 394 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

PI Kate McCall was warned to stay home, stay put, and stay out of NYPD business. But someone is killing Lowry Lowe lawyers, and Kate is sure her father’s murderer is pulling the trigger. At the same time, former Major League relief pitcher Steve “Blue” Stark wants her to catch the crook embezzling big bucks from his West Side sports bar.

Kate can’t help but get in the game.

The problem is the killer is cluing her in before murdering each lawyer and she’s falling for Blue as fast as he’s becoming her prime suspect.

Can Kate and her crackpot crew catch her father’s killer before all the lawyers are dead? And will she find real love with dreamboat Blue? Or will she have to lock him up for stealing his own money?

If she comes through the kidnappings, she might beat the odds.

McCall Company: Emboozlement by Rich Leder

McCall  Company: EmboozlementOnce again, Kate proves she cannot follow directions, unless it is on the stage of the D-Cup and once again, she finds herself up to her wigs in murder, mystery and mayhem. This time out, she is a text-buddy with her father’s murderer who is cluing her in that he may be murdering divorce attorneys and he is a man who knows actions speak louder than words. So, how does Kate ingratiate herself with said attorneys? Dangle a multi-million dollar divorce in their faces, but can she pull it off? Can she prevent death from dividing the divas of divorce?

When a former baseball star comes to Kate to uncover whose embezzling money from his lucrative sports bar, Kates bets on being able to hit a grand slam before the seventh inning stretch. That’s when she finds this game is going into overtime and she hasn’t covered all of her bases, including what happens if she falls for the bad guy?

Looking for some sunshine on a cloudy day? Spend a few hours in the zany world of Rich Leder’s EMBOOZLEMENT as Kate gives some of her best performances only to discover that the crowds she is playing for aren’t always buying what she is peddling. Humor, more humor and the return of her quirky friends as sidekicks to her PI antics and the ever-present hashing and re-hashing of Kate’s mental machinations!

Rich Leder is always entertaining with whip-smart quips, hurricane force action and Kate, the off-off-off Broadway actress who deserves a Tony for the “No-you did NOT just do that” category!

I am voluntarily reviewing this copy!

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