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Mistletoe Kisses by Ev Bishop & MORE

Mistletoe Kisses 
by Ev Bishop, Nancy Stopper, Christa Maurice, Maria Luis,
Reese Patton, Susan Saxx, July Dawson, Natalie Banks, Kimberly Readnour

Publisher: Pronoun (October 16, 2017)
Publication Date: October 16, 2017
Genre: Holiday Romance Anthology
Print Length: 884 pages
Available from: Amazon | Nook | Kobo
9 brand new reads to get you in the holiday spirit!
Nancy Stopper — One Last Gift — They can’t forget their shared history, but when they see each other again after ten years, can they put the past behind them? Will the Christmas spirit help Jack and Casey find their way back to each other?

Christa Maurice – Celebrating Flora – Wally Kohler’s job is cleaning up after his superstar employers so babysitting Flora Mason after a PR disaster isn’t new, but what he wants for Christmas is a nice girl.

Maria Luis — Hat Trick — Marshall Hunt may be the NHL’s hottest new forward, but this charming playboy wants only one thing for the holidays - a date with the woman who’s had his emotions all tangled up for years.

Reese Patton — The One with the Christmas Trees — When attorney Brandt Hayward is set up with Mallory Davies, on Christmas Eve of all nights, neither has time to date, much less start a relationship. Can Brandt and Mallory find their Christmas miracle under the mistletoe? 

Susan Saxx — Real Miracle — Christmas Eve. One night, one last memory to revisit, before he’s off the grid. It won’t take long. And it won’t hurt. Much. Then SHE opens the door…

July Dawson — The Fourteen Days of Christmas — When high school sweethearts are reunited for this Marine’s fourteen days of holiday leave, will she be able to convince him to believe again in love and Christmas magic?

Kimberly Readnour — Bottom of the Ninth, the Novella — When stranded with the girl he stood-up in college, this professional baseball player must redeem his past actions or else lose the one shot at true happiness.

Natalia Banks — No Reservations — Gavin Rossi is an arrogant, conceited restaurateur. No one would ever dream of putting him in his place, until Cindy walks in. Will love break down Gavin’s walls? One thing is for sure, it’ll take a Christmas miracle!

Ev Bishop — Silver Bells — One lonely highway and a brutal snowstorm. Two broken hearts and an accident. Can Bryn and Sean find lasting love in such random, fleeting circumstances?

Mistletoe Kisses by Ev Bishop & MORE

Mistletoe KissesWhat could be better than a Christmas story filled with hope and love? How about 9 of them? Some are sassy and fun, some sweet, yet painful at times, some filled with suspense and regrets, but each one tells one more story about the miracles that can happen when the heart and the holidays collide.

I received an ARC edition from Ev Bishop!

Ev Bishop — Silver Bells — Sometimes the worst of times can bring the greatest gifts of all. A blizzard, blinding snow and a lonely highway late at night, the perfect recipe for disaster for Bryn as she travels home for the Holidays where she never quite feels at home, because, through no fault of her own, she is different.
It was on that lonely, snow filled road that she witnessed the accident that would change her life.
Sean knew the accident was his fault, but it reminded him of the way his life had been going for the past few years, one big wreck leaving him stranded and alone, once again. He wanted love, a family and someone to share life with and then she showed up, waist-deep in snow…and suddenly the holidays were looking so much better!
SILVER BELLS is that warm and fuzzy romance that sparkles as the tarnish of the past slowly disintegrates under the promise of the future! Bryn and Sean seem perfect for each other, both know the pain of giving until it hurts, only to never receive and both recognize what they want, whether they believe they are worthy or not! The setting? Priceless, as once again River Sigh Inn plays host to love in a winter wonderland. Kind of makes one wonder how cold this world has become when the potential for love is all around!

Christa Maurice – Celebrating Flora– After finishing what could be a blockbuster hit, one frazzled young star denounces Christmas and needs to lay low for a month. As her assigned babysitter, Wally Kohler takes her home to his post card perfect, small town family farm where Flora learns there is magic in unselfish love, community and just being herself, not the star everyone wants a piece of. The girl she is inside might just be exactly what Wally has been looking for. Who knew a girl from Manilla could find love among the snowdrifts while baking holiday cookies and watching movie marathons?

Nancy Stopper — One Last Gift — They were young and in love, but tragedy and dreams tore them apart. Jack followed his dream, made it big, leaving the small town life he outgrew behind, but he never got over Casey. After over a decade, only his father’s heart attack can bring him back to help run the family Christmas Tree farm. The only thing he didn’t expect was the manager, the girl he never forgot and now he must work side by side with the woman she has become and avoid falling in love all over again, because it will end the same way, right?

Maria Luis — Hat Trick — Hockey Romance, says it all! Who wouldn't love a hockey romance at the Holidays? Fun, flirty and sweetly romantic, these two have a history. Marshall has been chasing after the woman of his dreams for years and she has flatly shut him down at every turn. The puck drops on the final playoff game for love and you won't want to miss it!

Reese Patton — The One with the Christmas Trees — Christmas Eve, and Mallory, EMT, could stay home or go to party she knows next to no one at. Brandt hardly has time to schmooze with his sister's friends, but it's a chance to raise money for a good cause, legal defense for those who cannot afford an attorney. Neither has time for romance, but clearly Cupid and his sister have other ideas. All Mallory sees, aside from the dimple is that he wears a tie and she sees warning flags that clearly say Stay Away. Could she be guilty of the same stereotyping she has been victim to as an EMT? Are they guilty of finding love when they least expected it?

Susan Saxx — Real Miracle — No light and fluffy romance here this Christmas Eve. Eli needs to disappear, fast. He has information that people will kill for and as he begins to say good-bye to the life he once knew, there is Tish, the best thing in his life and now she is in danger, too. Eli may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones he loves, if he can get out of this one, it truly will be amazing, if he gets out it with Tish by his side, it will be a miracle.

July Dawson — The Fourteen Days of Christmas — He has seen battle, all the innocence of his life is gone and now, coming home to his grandparents’ home for Christmas, he doubts the spirit of Christmas. His grandmother is gone, his grandfather is alone and nothing is the same as his memories, except for his old girlfriend. Can they rekindle the flame that used to glow or has too much time, too many miles and too much pain come between them? They have fourteen days to rediscover each other, will it be enough?

Kimberly Readnour — Bottom of the Ninth, the Novella — Ariel finds himself part of a charity calendar, dressed as a creepy elf. The only things that could make it worse is if the photographer was the girl he stood up in college. Mia may just find more than the opportunity for revenge with a pair of tights. But first Ariel must prove he is not the same egomaniac he once was. Could their reunion call for a private photo shoot?

Natalia Banks — No Reservations — Cindy knows that Christmas comes from the heart, not the wallet, but when her father loses his job the month before Christmas, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Is confronting her father’s former boss the smartest move, especially when he is an arrogant restaurateur who acts like the Grinch who has no idea that the real meaning of Christmas is more than the bottom line? Even though he thinks he is in control of everything and everyone, he may have allowed a grave injustice to take place. Gavin is about to learn some important lessons about life and love. Cindy may just be the headstrong miracle he needs to do it.

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