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Mistletoe Magic by Amanda Siegrist

Mistletoe Magic
by Amanda Siegrist
Series: A Holiday Romance Novel - Book 2
Publication Date: December 1, 2017
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Print Length: 177 pages
Available from: Amazon
Theresa might not make the best pot of coffee in town, but people still flock to the diner for a cup, even Officer Crowl, who rarely displays a smile since his fiancé died. She’ll never be able to win his heart, but it’s hard to resist him, especially when he kisses her under the mistletoe. Well, on the cheek, but that has to count for something…right?

Staying busy keeps Officer Aiden Crowl sane. Because when he’s idle or alone, he thinks, and nothing good comes from that. Everyone thinks he was the perfect man. They think he’s broken because she’s gone. He is, just not for the reason they believe. Every time he walks into the diner, one sweet smile from Theresa erases some of the pain. He should stay away from her. Far away. But what is he supposed to do when they’re standing under a mistletoe? Kiss her, of course.

Mistletoe Magic by Amanda Siegrist

Mistletoe MagicCan you imagine having people bet on how bad your coffee will be? Sure, it has become the town joke, and people even buy Theresa’s coffee often just to see if it can get worse, but no one gets her attention like Officer Crowl, should rhyme with Growl, the sober-faced man who has secretly stolen her heart. It isn’t the coffee that has him so dour, it is the death of his fiancé and Theresa would do anything to be the one who puts a smile back on the handsome officer’s face, guess he would have to actually notice her first…little did she know, Officer Crowl did notice her and her cheerful smile every day. Too bad he doesn’t deserve that smile, not since the night his fiancé died. So why did he kiss Theresa’s cheek under the mistletoe? Can she get a repeat?

Theresa’s life isn’t easy, she has her own problems, one of them being her brother, his illness and addiction and his violent mood swings. It was her brother that, in some twisted quirk of Fate, brought Officer Crowl to her door and into her life, kind of, but it will take more than a call to 911 to rescue these two souls from loneliness and the past.

Amanda Siegrist’s MISTLETOE MAGIC isn’t quite as fluffy as those simply sweet Holiday Romances, but it IS one magical tale of the power of love, self-forgiveness and taking a chance on living and loving again, warts, insecurities and all. Ms. Siegrist has built some humor, heartache, and real emotional longing into a story of the miracles of the season and what happens when one opens up just a little to let another soul in, because everyone deserves love, no matter how bad your coffee is or how hard you try to keep your wall up. Face it, love will find a way and if you ever doubted the magic of mistletoe….this story will change your mind!

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC edition from Amanda Siegrist!

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