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Nerve Damage by J.L. Myers

Nerve Damage
by J.L. Myers

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: J.L. Myers (July 30, 2017)
Publication Date: July 30, 2017
Genre: Thriller | Suspense
Print Length: 350 pages
Available from: Amazon

A fatal car crash. The sole survivor. And the dark hooded stranger that wants her dead.

When a terrible accident—not accident—stole my parents’ lives, my whole perfect life changed. My memories are hazy, and there are scars on my wrists. I’ve been locked away for my own protection…until I prove my sanity, until I lie. There was no hooded figure on the road that day, no one standing over me as I lay paralyzed watching my parents burn.

I am Cassidy Lockheart…20-year-old orphan.

Determined to free my caged mind, I find myself far away on an unexpected trip to help return my forgotten past. The snow was part of my life before, but now it’s like a blank slate, until an avalanche changes everything. But I’m not alone. These other ‘lucky’ trip winners may not be the strangers they pretend to be. And my hooded attacker…I see him everywhere.

Is this real? Or delusion caused by head trauma?

Either way, I’m being watched. I can sense it. I can feel it. Someone is after me; maybe they’re after us all. The avalanche was no accident. It was staged to deliver us to this abandoned place. A place where the walls whisper dark secrets of a sinister past…a past no one can escape. Trapped, this snow won’t let up…it won’t let us leave. My lost memories hold clues, but they’re buried so deep, polluted and twisted in my every waking nightmare. What is real? I don’t have the answers. But I need them. Time is ticking and if I don’t figure this all out soon it will be too late.

The past is coming for us all…and it wants blood.


Nerve Damage by J.L. Myers

Nerve DamageCassidy Lockheart barely remembers the crash that took her parents lives. Her mind had splintered as she lay there watching her parents burn. They say her mind conjured the stranger, they say she will be healed when she believes that, so she lied, because she knows…and she runs from everyone, including herself.

It would be the mysterious trip she won that would bring her face to face with that figure from her past and the forgotten hell she endured. An avalanche, a deserted home in the woods, a locked room that told the story of a child terrified, alone and abused and death. So much death.

Someone is killing the other “winners” of this fateful trip and Cassidy has no idea whom she can trust. A child’s diary and their pained artwork will unravel a story of horror beyond imagining and somehow Cassidy will uncover the truth or die trying as the stranger from her past seeks retribution for the small child who once lived only to be an object of abuse, rape and torture while those who could help her turned a blind eye.

Nerve Damage by J.L. Myers is about as hair-raising as a dark suspense can get! Steeped in an ominous mystery, veiled in shrouded details from the past, this tale will have even the hale and hearty sitting back to take a breath. Lots of gore, lots of blood and unspeakable acts, if you are looking for a tale to white-knuckle your way through, this could be it. J.L. Myers has horror down pat, and the setting and atmosphere ramps up the tension one hundred-fold. Complex and razor taut from start to finish!

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