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The Rememdium Series - Books I-III by Ashley Fontainne

The Rememdium Series - Books I-III
by Ashley Fontainne

My rating: 3.75 stars

Series: Rememdium - Books 1 -3
Publisher: RMSW Press (November 23, 2016)
Publication Date: November 23, 2016
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Print Length: 701 pages
Scientists attempted to find a cure for addiction. They failed.

Dr. Everett Berning, a leading researcher into the causes of addiction in the brain, spent ten years of his life dedicated to one thing: finding the cure. Recruited after a strange encounter with the enigmatic Dr. Roberta Flint, Director of Research on Code Name: Rememdium, Dr. Berning is sent to work in a secret lab as part of the research team.

When the moment the scientists waited on for years arrives, Dr. Flint and her team are ecstatic.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world feels the same way.

Benito San Nicholas isn't ready to give up his lucrative business. When the news of a cure arrives on his doorstep from a crooked informant, Benito enlists the help of other drug lords from around the world to stop the cure from hitting the streets and destroying their livelihoods.

What happens next ends up uniting the globe--just not the way society ever intended or hoped.


DR. EVERETT BERNING achieved his life’s work by discovering a cure for drug addiction. Unfortunately, the formula was stolen and fell into the hands of the enemy.

DRUG LORDS from around the world unknowingly released the altered, deadly formula into their supply, affecting millions across the globe.

WITHIN FORTY-EIGHT HOURS, the entire planet is thrown into chaos as the disease spreads.

REGINA PARKER, Chief of Police of the tiny town of Rockport, Arkansas, isn’t willing to let the military kill thousands of innocent people in a rush to contain the outbreak. She leads a small contingent of survivors on a dangerous quest to keep her town safe from the soldiers and the dead.

WILL DR. BERNING be able to isolate the contagion and find a way to reverse it, or is it too late to save humanity from the tainted cure? How far will Chief Parker go to save the lives of others as the world collapses around them?


Everything they know is gone. The old world obliterated in less than forty-eight hours. They soon discover they aren’t alone, and other dangers besides the undead lurk in the forests. The new law of the land: kill or be killed.

Dr. Everett Berning and his team seek refuge in the underground lab in the Ozark Mountains. The first week after the collapse of civilization, those who made it out alive struggle against the odds to survive.

Only a handful escaped the devastation in their hometown of Malvern, Arkansas, and they grapple with the new reality. Tired, frightened, and mourning the loss of loved ones, they attempt to regroup and cope with the life-altering changes.

When one suffers a debilitating injury, they are thrust into a tenuous relationship with Dr. Berning’s group. Other survivors battle the odds as they flee treacherous cities destroyed by the government and crawling with reanimated corpses.

Unfortunately, they all are about to discover the roaming dead aren’t the only threat they face. As the world plummets into darkness, things will never be the same. Ever.

The Rememdium Series - Books I-III by Ashley Fontainne

The Rememdium Series - Books I-IIIWhat should have been hailed as the miracle of science, bringing the illegal drug industry to its knees becomes a nightmare of global proportions. The long awaited cure for addiction has been found, an addict’s brain functions can be altered, negating the addiction, freeing its victims and their families. Should be a no brainer win-win, right? What happens when secrets are kept, governments interfere and drug lords fight back is nothing short of the world’s biggest nightmare, the day that zombies were born.

Heroes will die with honor. Good people will be murdered by monsters who are victims themselves. Will the scientist blamed for this nightmare discover who bastardized his formula in the name of money and preying on human weakness? With the world in chaos, humanity reverts to its most primal state that may be too much for those isolated pockets of survivors who hold hope for the future.

How is it that something so wonderful could become an instrument of death, and worse? Ashley Fontainne brings her own take on addiction, zombies and evil machinations and that could lead to the end times of humanity and adds the right amount of suspense, gore and heroics to make this chaotic world come to life, complete with an attempt at political humor and a military gone mad.

THE REMEMDIUM SERIES is intense, catastrophic and even hair raising at times as no one is safe against the undead threat. From start to finish, from the White House to the Walmart, the world is splintering and no one has the power to take the reins. Who will save the world? How will they do it? Will they be in time?

I am voluntarily reviewing a complimentary copy as part of a blog tour for the Rememdium Series.

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