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The Senator's Children by Nicholas Montemarano

The Senator's Children
by Nicholas Montemarano

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Tin House Books (November 7, 2017)
Publication Date: November 7, 2017
Genre: Political | Psychological Fiction
Print Length: 300 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

In a country that loves second chances, are some transgressions simply unforgivable?

Sisters Betsy and Avery have never met, but they have both spent their lives under the scrutiny of prying cameras and tabloid journalists. Their father, David Christie, was a charismatic senator and promising presidential candidate until infidelity destroyed his campaign and his family’s life. In the aftermath, Betsy grieves her broken family, while Avery struggles with growing up estranged from her infamous father yet still exposed by the national spotlight. Years later, as David’s health declines, Betsy and Avery are forced to face their complicated feelings about him—and about each other. With delicacy and empathy, Nicholas Montemarano brings these sisters together in a parallel of grief and grace.The Senator’s Children brilliantly distills the American family under pressure.

 The Senator's Children by Nicholas Mantemarano

The Senator's ChildrenWritten in a chaotic, timeline leaping style, we are invited into the personal worlds of a politician, his public family and the child conceived in an affair made public and ignored by her father.

Witness the powerful politician who played to the masses who sympathized with his personal losses as he is catapulted into running for President. We get to know the results of his infidelity, the least of which is his loss of political power as his lack of integrity is unveiled. We read of his family, the devastation of losing a child to drunk driving, the guilt that consumes his wife, her battle with cancer and both of his daughters who have suffered for his actions.

As the timeline rushes forward, we see a shadow of a once vital man, infirm and losing his connection to the world. We see the damage of a public life on the one daughter he acknowledges as well as the one he does not. Betsy torments herself over the loss of her family cocoon, both through the visions of a child and later as an adult still feeling the backlash. Avery grew up in the same brutal spotlight of public voyeurism, while dealing with a man who ignored her existence. This is their life exposed, warts and all and the repercussions of becoming victims of the press, the public and the man who should have cared more for them than himself.

THE SENATOR’S CHILDREN by Nicholas Montemarano is a journey through the lives of flawed humans and their personal hell, no judgements, just a story that allows readers to feel for themselves. Are there monsters? Villains? Victims? Who are they? Are second chances allowed only for a few privileged souls? I know what I think...

I received an ARC edition from Tin House Books in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

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