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Undying by Corina Bishop

by Corina Bishop

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: January 3, 2017
Publisher: Corina Bishop
Genre: Science fiction
Print Length: 414 pages
Available from: Amazon
To awaken and not know who you are is a crushing feeling. Panic and hysteria override all other senses. Strangers approach and terror builds within your chest. You hope these strangers, with their white lab coats, will bring an ounce of reason back to your jumbled thoughts. Instead they bring needles and knives that puncture your skin, introducing new horrors for your brain to try to comprehend.

This is the life Sentra is born into at the age of twenty-four. She is surrounded by people who only cause her agony and pay no mind to her mounting questions. Sentra cannot even find solace in her dreams, where she is haunted by memories from a woman who died long ago. If the pain and confusion wasn't enough, Sentra's body doesn't seem to be entirely human and her detainers have far greater plans for her in a war she wants no part of.

All Sentra knows for sure is that she wants out and she will do anything to gain her freedom.

Undying by Corina Bishop

UndyingHer first thoughts were, where am I? What happened? Who am I? She remembers smudged images of her life, but not why she is surrounded by strangers in lab coats who are far from healers, they are torturers and they just won’t stop. They slice, stab, poke and inject and the pain is unbearable. Her mind screams why? Why? Why? ...and still, they do not stop.

Prepare to be chilled to the bone as Corina Bishop jettisons us into a dystopian future where humans are “born” as adults, genetically altered and treated like less than lab rats by a group of scientists with an unknown agenda. Welcome to the world of the UNDYING, the world Amelia woke up to, a world where she and others like her will become disposable commodities, but Amelia is different. She is Amelia, but not and she names herself Sentra. It is that difference that will fuel her drive to learn, to rebel and to survive, but on her own terms. She is determined to take those like her and make their way to freedom, but she has no idea where she is, or how to escape or where to go, because she will discover that things are not as they seem and promises made were never meant to be kept.

If you have never thought of science fiction as your cup of tea, UNDYING will change your mind. Told through Sentra’s perspective, follow her journey from a terror-filled innocent to a fierce warrior who knows loyalty only to her team and other “engineered” humans. Fast, furious and intense from page one, there is no gentle lead in to this tale and few moments of quiet or calm.

Corina Bishop paints a future that is filled with monsters, both the unknown and of the human variety. She has created characters that learn the value of secrets, alliances and selective trusts. There are heroes, and there are villains who fail to feel they are in the wrong in their quest for omnipotence and control.

A brilliant storyline that is both intriguing and appalling, because we must wonder … what if this really could happen? Who are the real monsters and why have they done this? Not a wasted word, not a wasted page, Ms. Bishop has done a remarkable job!

I am voluntarily reviewing UNDYING!

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