Friday, October 13, 2017

Vince and Victor by J. Kahele (Violet Chain, #4)

Vince and Victor
by J. Kahele

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Violet Chain - Book 4
Publisher: J. Kahele
Expected publication: October 15th 2017
Fraternal twins Vince and Victor are inseparable. They work, live and even share the women in their life together. When Vince begins to go off on his own, Victor knows it’s because of a woman, Sandy Blu to be exact. He feels like he’s losing his brother, so when the opportunity arises where he can get Sandy Blu out of their lives he takes it.
It’s not till a year later that Vince learns the reason, Sandy Blu left him and it’s all because of his brother Victor. What Victor has done is unforgivable and Vince is determined to cut his brother out of his life permanently.
This book is intended for mature audiences only. 

Vince and Victor by J. Kahele (Violet Chain, #4)

Vince and Victor (Violet Chain #4)Vince and Victor share that special bond that only twins know. They have always been partners in crime, heck, they practically share a brain, they are so close. It is that bond that causes Victor to commit a sin against Vince that could shred the bond down to its very soul, all because he felt “insecure.”

Sandy Blu is the only woman Vince has ever wanted for more than a good time and when she disappeared from his life, no one could know the hurt it caused him, except Victor, who saw her only as another in their stable of whores who come between him. Has his irrational hatred of the woman cost him the best friend he ever had? Will Vince be able to reconcile what Victor did when he learns how much he has lost? The bond between brothers is sacred, but no one is perfect and now Vince must choose who he wants in the future he never thought he could have.

VINCE AND VICTOR is another gem in the treasure chest that is J. Kahele’s writing. High tension, brutal and costly mistakes, pain, secrets and the worst kinds of lies and betrayals, J. Kahele gives no quarter to her characters. Witness the rupture of one family as another is being created, all in the name of love.

J. Kahele had me hook, line and heart by page 3. I road an emotional roller coaster, wanting to step in and straighten some characters out! Soap opera drama that never lets up, because being family can be the hardest thing ever, almost as hard as allowing it to change and grow.

I am voluntarily reviewing this ARC edition.

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