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Warlock & Wyrm by C.M. Skiera (The Oxbow Trilogy, #3)

Warlock & Wyrm 
by C.M. Skiera

Trilogy: The Oxbow Trilogy - Book 3
Publication Date: September 22, 2017
Publisher: C.M. Skiera
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 434 pages
Available from: Amazon
While Jetsam saved his mentor Seryn from execution, a shape-shifting impostor poisoned the royal couple and kidnapped Princess Giselle. As the fugitive wizard Seryn struggles to cure his brother and his love from the changeling's deadly toxin, Jetsam abandons him to search for the abducted princess.

Aided by his orphan ally and loyal terrier, Jetsam discovers the princess's abductor is the pawn of a supreme evil. The reappearance of this legendary warlock and his monstrous horde spells doom for the Oxbow Kingdom. Can Jetsam save the heir to the throne? Will he return in time to warn Seryn of the impending peril? And does their combined magic stand a chance against the Grimlord and his minions?

Warlock & Wyrm by C.M. Skiera (The Oxbow Trilogy, #3)

Warlock & WyrmOnce in a while an author creates a world that combines humor, action, danger and the grit of a desperate battle for survival, transporting readers out of their reading chair and into the heart of the unfolding tale. C.M. Skiera has done that with his Oxbow Trilogy, building a world of fantasy that is filled with characters that will steal your heart, characters that will raise your ire and evil that seems insurmountable!

An evil imposter has poisoned the King and Queen and kidnapped the fair Princess Giselle. Young Jetsam has done all he could to save the great wizard, Seryn from death and now only Seryn can save his brother, the King and the woman they both love with his magic and potions as Jetsam begins his quest to save the princess.

Meanwhile, a far greater danger looms on the dark horizon for the kingdom of Oxbow and Ratboy will find himself more than just a leader of the lost boys in their underground world as he must become a warrior himself and shoulder the responsibilities of making decisions that will require the utmost faith in those who were once considered the enemy. Can Ratboy ask his young followers to take up the call to war, knowing their chances of survival are low?

As the kingdom is under siege from the minions of evil, their last hope may come from a special bond that holds strong from beyond the grave and one young wizard will risk his very life to save a world that has rarely had his back. Heroes are born, unsung heroes will die and still, the darkness cannot be held back…

WARLOCK & WYRM is the stunning conclusion to an epic tale of survival, coming of age, allegiance and sacrifice that hits with the force of a tsunami, page after page! C.M. Skiera has built a world to believe in, heroes to cheer for and tension that never lets up as once again, good versus evil meet on the battlefield where unlikely allies stand together, finally united in understanding and acceptance. I cannot recommend C.M. Skiera’s Oxbow Trilogy enough to anyone who wants to feel part of another world whose heart beats on the pages of every scene.

I am voluntarily reviewing WARLOCK & WYRM!


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