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At Mother's Command 2 by Kay Brandt (At Mother's Command, #2)

At Mother's Command 2
by Kay Brandt

My rating: 4 stars

Series: At Mother's Command - Book 2
Publisher: Excessica (September 21, 2017)
Publication Date: September 21, 2017
Genre: | BDSM | Dark Romance
Print Length: 139 pages
Available from: Amazon
After her failed attempt to flee her parents estate, Max develops a secret crush on the handsome, mysterious Neil. Completely unlike the boys she dated in high school, Max develops a lusty attraction to the enigmatic young man, and willingly follows Neil's lead into the forbidden world of BDSM behind the watchful eyes of her family. Sumera entertains a new slave-in-training, distracting herself from Max's continued refusal to accept her as her mother, and creates a decadent plan for emancipating her first male and female subs in order to satisfy her daughter's demands. Rocco and Stella are caught in the middle, between obeying their mistress and wanting to please their daughter, and venture to an unknown, sexual territory at Sumera's command. 

At Mother's Command 2 by Kay Brandt
(At Mother's Command, #2)

At Mother's Command 2…And the carefully orchestrated house of cards comes tumbling down as Max asserts her teenage independence and finds herself crushing on a young man who has ulterior motives for the naive young girl. As his manner of sexual manipulation pulls Max out of her comfort zone and experience level, to the outside world he would be branded as a sexual predator. Isn’t this exactly the situation Sumera’s misguided parental plan was supposed to avoid? Oh, Mother, being a Dominatrix and training your pets is a walk in the park compared to being a parent.

Meanwhile, Sumera is truly trying to do damage control with the bombshells she, Rocca and Stella have thrust on Max as she orders her subs to play the parts Max has demanded. Who is manipulating whom now? Their intentions are good, but nowhere near in the ballpark. And four souls are being tied into knots of confusion and pain.

AT MOTHER’S COMMAND – 2 by Kay Brandt focuses more on Max and the rebellion that will probably go supernova, as she becomes her own worst enemy in a world that is becoming a solitary prison. Sumera is grasping at straws, but her inability to let go and not be a puppet master is almost painful to watch, kind of like heading full steam into a dark tunnel and then seeing the oncoming lights in the distance. Her love, misguided or not, for her child has placed her in a submissive role that clearly is shaking the firm ground she thought she stood on.

Ms. Brandt has created total chaos in a world based on order and control and while separating one vein of storyline from the other, she has done a masterful job of placing the affairs of the heart in a different light than the affairs of the BDSM lifestyle. I feel like there are going to be some earth-shattering events ahead and these characters have only just begun to feel the tremors.

I'm voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy from Kay Brandt!

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