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At Mother's Command by Kay Brandt (At Mother's Command #1)

At Mother's Command
by Kay Brandt

My rating: 3 stars

Series: At Mother's Command - Book 1
Publisher: Excessica (July 28, 2016)
Publication Date: July 28, 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance
Print Length: 108 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
On her 18th birthday, the world Max knew was torn apart. Stella, the loving and dedicated mother Max had known her whole life, shared the secret of her true lineage—Stella was not her biological parent but a loyal surrogate. Max’s birth mother was the ravishing and powerful Sumera, a Dominatrix who ran a private retreat for a very discerning clientele. Sumera’s grand plan to reintroduce Max back into the family fold and mentor her succession as the Grand Dom quickly falls into jeopardy. Will Max learn to embrace the truth of her origins and accept her new life? Or will her whirlwind of emotions threaten Sumera’s empire?

 At Mother's Command by Kay Brandt
(At Mother's Command #1)

At Mother's CommandKay Brandt puts a whole new, adult slant on that childhood game, “Mother May I?” with AT MOTHER’S COMMAND.

Imagine finding out on your eighteenth birthday, the life you lived was a carefully orchestrated lie. Max was to discover that her mother was not her birth mother, but she was soon to meet her. Little does Max know what is behind this gut-wrenching shift in her reality, her birth mother is a Dominatrix, her birth father and the woman she grew up believing was her mother are submissives.
Clearly, for as much control over others that Sumera had, this young woman, her own daughter wouldn’t fall into her arms or even acknowledge their relationship. Pretty sure that will make her plans to bring Max into the “fold” a little difficult, if not impossible.

I’m not sure how I feel about this erotic tale. On one hand, Ms. Brandt has taken a fascinating angle on “birth reveals,” while on the other, I can’t help but wonder what fantasy Sumera has told herself and her subs, that makes this grand farce seem okay.

Kay Brandt does know how to write, she can develop a story and manages to leave the main thread just as we reach the top of the roller coaster, waiting for the big plunge as we are introduced to other characters, each guests at the special retreat. That shift was a little abrupt for me, heck I was still deep into Max, Rocco, Stella and Sumera’s story. Ms. Brandt does have a sensual touch with her words, making each “scene” fitting for the characters. Definitely written in an erotic manner, I just wanted more balance in the plight that Max finds herself in, and I may have wanted to sit Sumera down and have a very long talk with her… and she wouldn’t have permission to talk until I was finished! Adults and children are allowed separate lives. Adults are allowed to keep “adult” things private, it doesn’t require pawning a child off on two people to live a lie, wouldn’t think a true Dominatrix would need to do that. So, yes, Kay Brandt can write, she did get me all involved, but it was Max that had me hook, line and sinker.

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy from Kay Brandt.

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