Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bitter Sweet Street by Lena North (Sweet Street, #2)

Bitter Sweet Street
by Lena North
Series: Sweet Street - Book 2 *****STANDALONE*****
Publisher: FAB Books; 1 edition (December 13, 2017)
Publication Date: December 13, 2017
Genre: Chick Lit | Humor
Print Length: 72 pages
Available from: Amazon

Angelica “Angie” Parker earned the right to be bitter when she walked into a conference room and found her husband of twenty plus years on top of a twenty-something girl.

Not in the mood to believe that she’d seen what she saw, Angie immediately decides that it’s high time to take care of the house in a small town in the Rockies she inherited from her estranged aunt a while back. When she gets there, her cute neighbor Louise hands her the keys to the property and, followed by the strange chirping sound from a tree outside, Angie walks inside to /try to/ ignore the nightmare that is her life, and face her poop-colored house.

Follow Angie’s journey through renovations and revelations in the second stand-alone short story about the people on Sweet Street.

 Bitter Sweet Street by Lena North (Sweet Street, #2)

Bitter Sweet Street“Somebody done somebody wrong” and the sweetest revenge is moving on…and doing it in the least expected ways. Meet my new hero, the woman who faced betrayal, humiliation and struggled to come through to the other side where the sun was shining bright on a brand new life!

BITTER SWEET STREET by Lena North is that breath of fresh air in the world of books that contains laugh out loud humor, heart-wrenching sorrow and one fabulous heroine who we meet when her life was pretty much in the toilet. Angie Parker actually walked in on her hairy-arsed husband doing “the deed” with a co-worker only to discover she was the last to know.

Her escape was to a rundown house she had inherited, and yes, it was “poop” covered, kind of fit with her life at the moment. It would be here that Angie would meet the people of Sweet Street, begin to renovate both the house and her life, starting by unknowingly demolishing a load-bearing or support wall, symbolic of the collapse of her life! Will Angie find what she is looking for? Will she be able to re-build her life as easily as the old house?

Lena North has nailed another story with humor, heart and some pretty sarcastic wit from her main character, Angie, who is hard not to adore just a little more on each and every page. A quick read that is short on words, but long on entertainment and, it must be said, some pretty good ideas to achieve some sweet payback! Just sayin’

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Lena North! My review is voluntary, but I loved this one!

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