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Caught By The Dragon: (Dragonhaeme) by Tara Gill (Caught By Series Book 1)

Caught By The Dragon: (Dragonhaeme)
by Tara Gill

My rating: 3 stars

Series: Caught by - Book 1
Publication Date: October 28, 2017
Publisher: Tara Gill
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Print Length: 123 pages
Available from: Amazon
Lena the Thief 

I live an interesting existence - wielding my unique skills via a lucrative if questionable profession. 
If life is a bit lonely now and then, I can handle it. 
After all, there are worse problems to have than this yawning hunger to belong that I've had all my life - right? 
Going to the ground after my latest successful job, I never expected to encounter - Him! 
He makes the hunger go away, he makes me want to belong - to Him! 

Drekk the Dragon, the primordial beast. 

Throughout this endless life ,in so many places, always did I seek her. 
Now beyond hope, I have found her. 
She is my heart. 
Never will I let her go. In all ways she is mine and I will do anything to own her. Anything. 
She is MY Treasure. Mine. 

This is a sweet and sexy paranormal romance which ends in an MF HEA. 

No violence, No cheating. Insta Love alert. 

Warning: This book contains mature content and is for readers who are over 18. 

Caught By The Dragon: (Dragonhaeme) by Tara Gill
(Caught By Series Book 1)

Caught By The Dragon: (Dragonhaeme) (Caught By Series Book 1)Looking for a quick, flirty and slightly dirty romance starring a flaming hot dragon and a beautiful young thief? Tara Gill wastes no time on angst, dark and terrifying obstacles as she tells of two fated mates, a few chains and some lava-hot loving.

Forget having to maneuver intricate details, vast journeys or some hot and cold tension between prickly adversaries who you just know are going to end up together. Tara Gill’s writing is simple, low key and kind of sweet as Lena, the thief who knows something is missing in her life finds herself her own primordial beast, Drekk the Dragon and the rest, is pure sexual and sensual chemistry CAUGHT BY THE DRAGON is a quick read with a very happy ending.

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy from Tara Gill!

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