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Dungari Rise by Nikki Landis

Dungari Rise
by Nikki Landis

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Dark Arrow Publishing (December 20, 2017)
Publication Date: December 20, 2017
Genre: Erotic Scifi Romance
Print Length: 272 pages
Available from: Amazon




The Dungari dominated the human world 100 years ago in a desperate attempt to save their dying race. Enslaving young women and forcing them to endure the Choosing, the Dungari seek to replenish their fallen numbers.


Synika hides with a rebel group who seek to end the tyranny on Earth. When the truth is exposed, she must rise to the challenge and save the captives from a fate far worse than death.


Tuvari is a soldier who always completes his mission; honor and bravery his highest calling. He will need to decide if his loyalty belongs to his people or with the fiery temptress who has ensnared his heart.


Would you give up everything to do what is right?

Dungari Rise by Nikki Landis

Dungari RiseThey came to Earth on a mission. They needed females to save their dying race, but the Dungari’s idea of how to “encourage” female participation was both horrendous and barbaric, but, hey, they were the superior race, right? As they begin their annual “Choosing” of young, fertile females of great beauty, there were those who would resist and among those rebel groups determined to take back the planet, Synika hides and so far, she has managed to avoid sexual slavery, until a captured warrior entices her with his mind, little did she or the rebels know, he was a plant, there to crush their rebellion.

Tuvari will do what has been ordered, but he won’t be barbaric or cruel. One look at the Earth female and he knows his heart has met its match in the fiery beauty in front of him. He will do everything he can to protect her from the vile and sadistic prince who has purchased her body. That decision will force him to declare where his loyalties are, with his people or the humans they use for physical pleasure.

No one can say who one will fall in love with, or how one knows the enemy can be trusted, but Synika and Tuvari become lovers and pawns in a dangerous game that could spell death for two civilizations or life for a new future for all. Could you trust a man from a race that raped, brutalized and enslaved your people? How can one be true to both their heart and their duty to their race?

DUNGARI RISE by Nikki Landis is an erotic romance against the odds as two worlds collide in a most vile and demeaning way. The passion and caring between Tuvari and Synika is so far removed from the sexual battering of the other “chosen” women, it is almost like reading two separate stories. Nikki Landis does well with her words, as we are not made flies on the wall for the brutality, just witnesses to the aftermath. She leaves no doubt about the feelings that are growing between Synika and Tuvari or what kinds of odds they will be up against from both sides.

Betrayals, jealousies and mistrust will mar both races, and to be honest that made this science fiction tale all the more believable. Filled with high tension of mostly the emotional kind, the emphasis is on romance, although there are battle scenes that one cannot help but get completely behind! Spice, space and survival, all rolled into one. Nikki Landis has taken science fiction to a new level of passion while clearly defining the lines between right and wrong!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Nikki Landis in exchange for my honest review.

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