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Fallout Dreams by Jake Vander Ark (The Midnight Mastermind #2)

Fallout Dreams
by Jake Vander-Ark

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Midnight Mastermind - Book 2
Publication Date: November 1, 2017
Publisher: Jake Vander-Ark
Genre: Thriller | Suspense
Number of Pages: 180
Available from: Amazon |  Barnes & Noble

Ava Lane wants to overcome her fear in peace. Mia wants to party. 

The twins reach their breaking point when they move into an isolated house in the middle of the Arkansas woods. As Ava moves from accepting her fear to relishing it... as Mia exploits a tragedy to impress her new friends... the man hiding in the cellar watches their every move. 

FALLOUT DREAMS plunges headfirst through trap doors, eavesdrops through hundred-year-old vents, and brews a pitch-black tale of voyeurism, illicit attraction, and a fiery battle for redemption. 

THE MIDNIGHT MASTERMIND SERIES is a savage anthology of pulp stories about Trevor, a charming sociopath caught between the love in his heart and the storm in his gut. Fallout Dreams is BOOK TWO in the series, though Trevor’s adventures can be read in any order. 

Fallout Dreams by Jake Vander Ark
(The Midnight Mastermind #2)

Fallout Dreams (The Midnight Mastermind Series Book 2)Buyer beware, this house comes with more than weathered charm and an old furnace. Trevor is back, just as charming, (he IS good with mothers), and just as twisted. Trevor, its current owner, has no intention of leaving his home-his real home that is, under the house, in his secret cellar domain where he can become the perfect puppet master and hidden host. (Foreclosures can be so disruptive)

Ava and Mia Lane, twins, are about to become his latest project as he watches their every move and hears their every word. Has he found his perfect pawns to play his game? Is he ready for what could happen to his heart?

Ava struggles with a crippling past, going to college is not her top priority. Mia is the social party-girl, willing to go to any length to impress her new friends. Once they were alike in every way, fun-loving sisters of the soul as only twins can be, but ten months ago that all changed and now Ava has grown dark and Mia seems hellbent on living both of their lives in the fast lane. Yep, all that and the secret in the cellar, the eyes that watch…until he had to take action and someone is going to get hurt or worse, all while Ava gets darker and darker and Mia is clueless as to how to fix her other half. Is that what Ava wants, perhaps she has found her own place to belong...perhaps she has discovered the secret of the house...

Jake Vander Ark’s FALLOUT DREAMS is another dark and creepy episode in his Midnight Mastermind Series, but I have to say, his style has the perfect amount of grit with an atmosphere that is constantly foreboding. I wasn’t sure what to expect on the next page, kind of like waiting for the other shoe to fall, because you know it will, just not when. Twins! Mr. Vander Ark took on writing about twins, and did a pretty good job of nailing the connection that identical twins share! To be honest, that could make an entire book right there and actually played perfectly into this tale of dark delights and secrets. Start to finish, there is nothing better than to read page after page of the unexpected and to be rewarded with a poker-hot ending! Want something to really test your ability to follow a nightmarish maze without getting lost? Like the thrill of the unknown just behind that next turn? Because with Trevor, it could be anything, especially if he wants someone.

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy!

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