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Hinchinbrook's Hunted by P.Wesley Lundburg (The Frank Mattituck Series, #3)

Hinchinbrook's Hunted
by P. Wesley Lundburg

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Frank Mattituck Series - Book 3
Publication Date: November 10, 2017
Publisher: P. Wesley Lundburg
Genre: Mystery | Suspense | Action & Adventure
Print Length: 287 pages
Available from: Amazon
A hunting trip gone awry, a best friend from childhood dead . . . 

Alaska crime-fighting duo Frank Mattituck and State Trooper Todd Benson are called into action to investigate the accidental hunting death of Justin Harris, only to discover there was more to Justin's friendship with Outdoor Outfitting Store owner Wilson Garrett than originally thought. Behind the scenes is a hidden life that, when it comes to light, sends Mattituck, Todd, and Monica headlong into a web of deadly secrets. As they unravel the web, the question becomes: Was Justin's death a mere hunting accident after all?

About the Series:
Alaska charter boat captain Frank Mattituck has established a tranquil fishing life that allows him to keep the haunting of his past at bay. He has a successful business and a solitary personal life that provides him control over his world. That is, until his sense of justice is awakened by the murder of a close friend and his solitude is broken by the rekindling of his relationship with Monica Castle. Suddenly, Mattituck finds he can no longer hide, and he finds himself helping State Trooper Todd Benson track down killers and criminals in Alaska, forming a unique crime-fighting duo.

Hinchinbrook's Hunted by P.Wesley Lundburg
(The Frank Mattituck Series, #3)

Hinchinbrook's Hunted (The Frank Mattituck Series, #3)It was an accident, that’s what the frantic hunter said, he thought he was shooting at a deer. Instead, Wilson Garrett killed his best friend, Justin Harris, but something just isn’t adding up as secrets are uncovered and a web of lies, deceit, manipulation and an impending divorce are muddying the waters. Is there more to this case than meets the eye? Were Jason and Wilson the only hunters out in the woods that day? Is Wilson as innocent as he claims or was someone else out there armed with a sinister agenda? The answers are as clear as mud and much more dangerous.

As if this isn’t enough to weigh on the shoulders of Mattituck and Benson, all is not well in the love department for either one of them, which seems to be a burgeoning theme in this Alaskan town. Monica is struggling with the ethics of client privilege, just as she is struggling with idle gossip about Frank. Todd has his own problems as the only State Trooper for the region and a wife who is unhappy with his 24/7 on call status.

The plot thickens as secret rendezvous are revealed, business dealings are questioned and bullets start flying. Between the webs people weave and the affairs of the heart, Frank will find his past both a help and a hindrance as once again, he finds himself hip deep in a twisted tale of greed and murder.

We’re off to Alaska again as P. Wesley Lundburg charts a course for adventure in HINCHINBROOK’S HUNTED. Get ready to be reeled in, hook, line and sinker as we discover the catch of the day is murder and the hunt is on to bag the villain. Feel the fresh air, get caught up in the small town antics of a place where everybody knows your name, secrets aren’t secrets for long and everyone has an agenda.

P. Wesley Lundburg has a fabulous way of spreading tidbits about Mattituck’s past and spreads some new intrigue around that will have you circling like shark to chum in the waters.
Great mystery, no tiptoeing around, bold, direct writing from an author to watch and read! Line up mystery lovers, this one’s for you!

I received a complimentary review copy from P. Wesley Lundburg!

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