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Not My Type by M.E. Gordon

Not My Type
by M.E. Gordon

My rating: 5 stars

Series: One Night Stand - Book 2
Publisher: Black Opal Books (October 28, 2017)
Publication Date: October 28, 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Print Length: 223 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
I live on a farm—scratch that, I lived on a farm. I was on my way to LA to live amongst the rich and famous, to work for the rich and famous. I did not leave a farm, and a seriously complicated relationship, just to dive back into another one. Yet, there I was, falling for a rock star who was so not my type of man, it was scary. Could I ever truly leave the farm and the man I left behind and start over? Was this new relationship just a rebound from the last?

I had one type of woman all my life. I had this image of her from as young as a boy. She’d be petite, beautiful, long blonde hair, quiet, someone who would stand behind me as I rose to fame with my band mates. I did not see myself with a Southern, loud-mouth Amazon of a woman who drove me up the wall. I didn’t have time to be chasing a woman. They usually came to me. But here I am, trying to win over a woman who wasn’t even my type.

Not My Type by M.E. Gordon

Not My TypeHe said she had a fat ass (depends on who you ask)…and she let him live. That alone made Lexi, aka “Zena” one of my favorite heroines with backbone and fire! It also made for a very long five hour flight to the West Coast as Lexi is sandwiched into a seat next to what she determined was a steroid-enhanced Neanderthal, well, he did have cool tats and nice arms and sexy stubble…Still, they were definitely NOT what each other was looking for, they could each say the other was NOT MY TYPE.

So why couldn’t Trent, a member of an up and coming band, get the Amazon out of his head? Not like they would see each other again, oh but they sure did! From that night on, it is game on as Trent tries to prove to Lexi he is NOT the brute she thinks he is and Lexi gives him the chance to “woo” her properly. Could it be that simple or is there more to know about the feisty woman fresh off a West Virginia farm? Could Trent be more than just a hulking beast? These two are apart to find out, but the road to discovery will not always be easy and they are about to discover that clearly, their hearts know “their type” better than their heads.

NOT MY TYPE by M.E. Gordon is a delightfully comical and sweet romantic tale that will leave readers chuckling throughout! Sure there is conflict, sure there are hurt feelings, but sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, these two are pure entertainment and definitely better together. We want it, see it, but sometimes Fate muddies the water…

M.E. Gordon has hit all the right notes in this rockstar romance with strong characters, a great story line and chemistry that brightens every page!

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy from M.E. Gordon

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