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Perfect Gravity by Viven Jackson (Wanted and Wired #2)

Perfect Gravity

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Written by: Viven Jackson
Series: Wanted and Wired (Book 2)
Mass Market Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: November 7, 2017
ISBN-10: 1492648191
ISBN-13: 978-1492648192
Genre: Scifi Romance
Barnes & Noble:

Second in a snarky, sexy sci-fi romance series with the perfect balance of humor, heart, and heat. When someone tries to kill powerful continental senator Angela Neko, Texan outlaw and old flame Kellen Hockley is the only man who can keep her safe...and help her save the world.

Kellen Hockley usually keeps quiet about his past, but once upon a time he loved a girl named Angela. He hasn't seen her in a decade, but now he has to break the news to her that his team of rogue treasure hunters accidentally killed her husband. He's had better days...

It's not the news that's delivered to Angela Neko that breaks her apart--it's the rumbly, Texas drawl delivering it. She can't believe she's hearing Kellen's voice again. But there's no time for distractions. When Angela's own life is threatened, yielding up all of her lies and secrets, she and Kellen must figure out how to reverse the geopolitical firestorm she lit to save the world, to save Kellen's cat...and just maybe to save each other.
Perfect Gravity (Tether #2)Perfect Gravity by Vivien Jackson

Angela had her goals set and nothing was going to keep her from reaching them. That means she made sacrifices along the way. One of the biggest sacrifices Angela made was walking away from Kellen, her old school best friend, and lover.

Years later, Kellen’s team is hired to take out an android replica of Angela’s husband only to find out that it was the real deal, killing Angela’s husband. Angela has not lived with her husband in years and her marriage was a marriage of power not love so she wasn’t overly wrought about the loss…but her life is now at risk.

Kellen’s boss/team leader offers Angela sanctuary along their group not realizing the effect it would have on Kellen. Kellen doesn’t want to face the hurt and love he still has for Angela but Angela seems to want to reignite at least a friendship if not more.

Fast-paced, action intense and filled with marvelous world building, Perfect Gravity is a complex and multi-layered adventure that will tantalize the sci-fi fan in us all.

I received this ARC copy of Perfect Gravity from SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca. This is my honest and voluntary review. Perfect Gravity is set for publication November 7, 2017.

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