Monday, November 27, 2017

Possess Me Under The Mistletoe by T.F. Walsh (Hell Unleashed)

Possess Me Under The Mistletoe
by T.F. Walsh
Series: Hell Unleashed
Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Publisher: T.F. Walsh
Genre: Paranormal Romance - Holiday
Print Length: 199 pages
Available from: Amazon
She's innocent, wicked with magic, and off limits... Just his type.

It's Christmas Eve and Cyra Mane's landed her first solo mission to cleanse a haunted house. Easy. After all, she's keen to make a good impression with the demon hunting company that hired her. But when Gunn, a seasoned hunter she's desired for months, shows up, the seemingly simple cleansing task turns dangerous. Why's he there when he's ignored her for months?

Gunn's kept his distance for a dark reason that's followed him for years. And he sure as hell doesn't intend to drag sweet Cyra into his mess, even if he can't stop fantasizing about her. Besides, he's there as a favor to her brother.

But when Cyra's spell goes horribly wrong, not only are they imprisoned in the house, but they've discovered a portal to Hell. And that's the least of their problems when they uncover the house's secret. Can Cyra keep her mind off the brooding hunter and on protecting the elderly home owners before the demon hunting them turns them into Christmas dinner?

Please note: Possess Me Under The Mistletoe is a standalone special edition in the Hell Unleashed series and can be read in any order in the series.
Possess Me Under The Mistletoe by T.F. Walsh
(Hell Unleashed)

Possess Me Under The Mistletoe (Hell Unleashed)This Christmas Eve it wasn’t the Ghost of Christmas Past that haunted the upscale home in Detroit and Cyra Mane had no idea that her first mission would be anything but easy. She certainly had no idea how deadly it could be or how the unexpected visit from a certain dark and brooding demon hunter would become her favorite present to unwrap.

POSSESS ME UNDER THE MISTLETOE by T.F. Walsh is a darkly sweet tale of spells gone wrong and good intentions gone to Hell, and NOT just because a portal to said Hell has be opened. Cyra had this, it was going to be an easy in and out, house cleansed of spirits just in time for Santa to come down the chimney, but when Gunn, the hot demon hunter Cyra has been crushing on shows up, everything that could go wrong, does and these two will have more than sizzling kisses to share if the demon hunting them takes them home to Hell.

T.F. Walsh puts just the right amount of Heat, Holiday and Humor into this special edition to the Hell Unleashed series! Cyra is that “witch-next-door,” sweet, beautiful and determined to make it on her own. Gunn had baggage. One of the fiercest demon hunters, he once made a decision that has haunted him ever since. As much as he wants Cyra, he just can’t inflict himself on her. Apparently our girl knows what she wants and aside from the matter of the demon wanting to send them to Hell, she is going for it.

A fun, quick and easy read with that Holiday flavor that just might have you avoiding that Mistletoe, how about a kiss under the candy cane?

I received a complimentary ARC edition from T.F. Walsh!

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