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Salem's Wake by James Agee Jr.

Salem's Wake
by James Agee Jr.

My Rating: 4.5 Stars!

Publication Date: October 7, 2016
Publisher: James Agee Jr.
Genre: YA Fantasy 12 & up
Print Length: 252 pages
Available from: Amazon
Salem, Massachusetts was home to one of the most infamous periods in American History. False witches were burned at the stake while actual witches stood by and watched in revery. The flames scratched the skies with horrendous height as the heart of man darkened. At least that’s how the story goes.
Sparrow is a teen who loves everything vintage. Jason is her best friend who relies on their friendship as a steady constant in his life. They are both eager to graduate high school and leave their old lives behind for something greater. However, neither of them could have predicted that they would find themselves in Salem, MA during one of the world’s most controversial time periods.
This is a story about discovering oneself and finding out what truly matters in life.

Salem's Wake by James Agee Jr.

Salem's WakeThey were the best of friends, each not quite fitting in with the worlds they lived in. Sparrow had her own style, her own interests and a keen sense of right and wrong. Jason’s life was much harder, estranged from his dysfunctional family, he was struggling to t survive on his own, and still graduate. Together they were the ultimate odd couple, loners, but when an opportunity to take a weekend school trip to the infamous Salem, Massachusetts came up, it was Sparrow’s talent as a photographer and Jason’s need to feel normal after an ugly encounter with his alcoholic father that would begin an adventure unlike either of them could have imagined.

Salem’s reputation as the scene of the grisly witch hunts pandered to tourists with modern day witches in every shop, but what happened to Jason and Sparrow after visiting one “witch” would send them back in time where they would uncover the truth behind the witch hunts and the fear that led to so many innocents perishing. Sparrow would also be visited by an ancestor who would reveal who Sparrow was and the history of her family, as well as the truth about witches and why they were so feared.

This is a story of friendships, discoveries and doing the right thing, even if it could change history and cost two teens the closest relationship they had ever had.

SALEM’S WAKE by James Agee Jr. is a tale of relationships, adventure and responsibility to do the right thing. Mr. Agee’s tale is a quick read, which flows easily and is perfect for middlegrade/young adult readers. Both Sparrow and Jason have issues in their lives that draw them closer as trustworthy friends, through thick and thin and even through time! A wonderful fantasy that comes alive with just a few very minor rough edges to shine up!

I received a complimentary copy from James Agee Jr.!

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