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The Tournament Trilogy by B.B. Griffith

The Tournament Trilogy
by B.B. Griffith

My rating: 5 stars

Trilogy: The Tournament Trilogy
Publisher: Griffith Publishing LLC (January 12, 2014)
Publication Date: January 12, 2014
Genre: Action & Adventure | Thriller
Print Length: 1126 pages
Available from: Amazon !!!!!FREE!!!!!

The Tournament Trilogy follows the rise of the Tournament, a secretive, state-sponsored war game...and the stakes couldn't be higher. This collection contains the first three books in the series and is over 1000 pages of conspiracy, warfare, and murder! A Kindle Top 50 Bestseller!

The Tournament Trilogy by B.B. Griffith

The Tournament TrilogyWitness the secrets we couldn’t imagine. Be part of a world that lurks beneath our day to day lives. Be uncomfortable, be enthralled, be appalled at the extremes some will go to for a chance to be crowned “the winner.” Watch the world become mesmerized by what we would as individuals cannot grasp. THE TOURNAMENT TRILOGY by B. B. Griffith is bold, raw and often ruthless, but it does give one something to think about, like how long can I hold on to the edge of my seat? What would compel a person to be part of this chaotic game? Is there a statement to society as a whole in here?

I had the pleasure of reading each book in the trilogy one right after the other and all I can say is what a ride! Brilliant storytelling, characters that do not require that you like them, understand them or root for them. Each player is unique, driven by their own inner demons or sense of justice. Some are driven by fear and the will to survive, but every one of these players will register something on your radar, be it their quirky sense of humor at the most unlikely times or their dark side that can be comprehendible. You might even find yourself amazed at the one odd man out who found something besides his boring life to live or die for, courage!

Once again, B.B. Griffith deals out edge-of-your seat action throughout, be it physical, mental or emotional, this was one thrill ride that will leave readers wondering, what if and quite possibly, why not?

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