Sunday, November 19, 2017

Torch by Chess Desalls (Lantern, #3)

by Chess Desalls

My rating: 5 stars

Trilogy: Lantern - Book 3
Publisher: Czidor Lore, LLC; 1 edition (September 1, 2017)
Publication Date: September 1, 2017
Genre: Middlegrade \ YA fantasy
Print Length: 95 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Who will light the way to the pull the other through?

Evelyn moves to Pennsylvania where she attends her first lakeside Halloween party. But she misses her brothers and is disturbed by a lantern on the pier that’s burned out.

Graham’s dreams come true in Havenbrim where he is Machin’s newest apprentice. Until he finds himself repeatedly disappointing his master.

Is the solution to their happiness in her world, or in his?

Torch by Chess Desalls (Lantern, #3)

Torch (Lantern Book 3)Graham saw the sign. Sure, he couldn’t read it, but he knew it meant the mysterious Havenbrim lamp maker was looking for a new apprentice, and Graham needed that job. He has nothing else, but a fervent desire to learn a skill from the Machin. It must have been Fate smiling on Graham, the day Machin chose him above all others to apprentice under him, but maybe Fate could have helped him not be such a disappointment to Machin…at least that is how Graham felt, until the day he was tasked with fitting that one globe, and what unfolded would be nothing short of magical.

Evelyn’s move to Pennsylvania wasn’t easy. She missed her home, the ocean and the people she left behind. Maybe that was why she focused on the lone lantern on the pier that was always burned out. It was right before Halloween when something happened with that lamp, it was as if it were reaching out only to Evelyn with eerie blue sparks and the world seemed to stand still, until…

Back in Graham’s world, the globe he had fitted came “alive” with a blue glow that took the shape of a girl, Evelyn. How could they save her from the globe? How would they return her to her world? Even Master Machin is stumped. Could it be she was meant to come here?

TORCH by Chess Desalls is the third magical tale in the lantern series that takes us from our world to the world of Havenbrim, magic and adventure. Beautifully written, this tale of fantasy comes alive with all of the glory of fantasy and make-believe come true! Written for younger readers, each scene becomes a mental picture to enjoy, from contemporary Pennsylvania to mythical Havenbrim where two young people find friendship and a place to belong. But would that place be in Evelyn’s world or Graham’s?

Chess Desalls has given younger readers a piece of magic to read, enjoy and believe in.

I received this complimentary review copy from Czidor Lore, LLC.

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