Monday, November 6, 2017

Untouchable by Kira Blakely & Emily Bishop Bllitz and #Giveaway

Emily Bishop & Kira Blakely
Publication date: November 6th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
They’re willing to kill me for my billion-dollar inheritance.
This farm is the best hideout I’ve found.
There’s only one rule:
Don’t touch the farmer’s daughter.
I try not to… at first.
Until I catch her in the kitchen one night in nothing but a T-shirt.
Tight little ass cheeks peeking out.
Perky breasts just begging to be touched.
Getting thrown out is not an option.
But the way she watches me is getting hard to resist.
Her innocence is begging to be taken.
Fuck it.
Some things are worth dying for.

Author Bio:
Emily Bishop is a breakthrough romance writer from Seattle, Washington. She originally attended University of Washington as a history student but soon found a passion for words and stories. Upon graduating with a degree in creative writing, Emily fell in love and moved away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a quiet little town in Oregon. She is now a full time writer who loves her job. She enjoys bad horror flicks, hair pulling, lemon pound cake, and spending time with her husband, Charlie, and her dog, Roscoe.
If you like bad boys with good hearts who love their women, then you will love Kira Blakely.
Kira is the author of 6 top 30 best-selling contemporary romances in 2017.
Her best novel reached #6 on the Amazon Charts and made the 17th most sold list.


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  1. looks and sounds exciting :) thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the hiding out on a farm, and I think the pretty farmer's daughter is a great story line. (

  3. Congratulations on your new release, it sounds sexy! Good luck on the tour and thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  4. This book is "my cup of tea", looking forward to reading it!