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Vague Memories by Karla Corona

Vague Memories
by Karla Corona

Publisher: (July 27, 2017)
Publication Date: July 27, 2017
Genre: Women's Fiction | YA Romance
Print Length: 223 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Sarah had been hiding more than one secret. The one she tried to protect the most was the one about her terminal genetic illness. She also didn't want people to know about her drunken, abusive father. For that matter she was always cautious to not let many people into her life. However, Mason was persistent, giving Sarah no other option than to let him in. This small decision brought Sarah's dull life a twist with new memories that enlightened her life in different ways. That is, until the car accident occurred and changed the course of their lives. 

Vague Memories by Karla Corona

Still waiting to exhale here...this is a keeper!

Vague MemoriesDo you ever wonder why some people just seem to be a magnet for heartache, heartbreak and more burdens to carry than you would wish on your worst enemy? Her life was full of secrets and her walls were almost impenetrable, until he walked into the restaurant where she worked. Mason chipped away at the Sarah’s walls, just enough to get his foot in the door, but Sarah wasn’t about to let him beyond the “friend zone,” no matter what. Too bad her heart didn’t get that memo and by the time she was ready to tell him all of her secrets, there was an accident and he couldn’t hear her. She had to tell Mason how he taught her to open up, to let some of her pent up pain out, to tell the story of her life, her losses and her future.

In letters, Sarah would tell Mason about herself, about being with him and about life as she saw it, before he came along and after he touched her soul. She shared her losses, her lonely home life and she shared how he became a bright spot in her life, a beacon to brighten her days. One day she hoped Mason could read these letters and remember, that one day she could hand them to him and they would get to know each other all over again. Mason got those letters and he remembered…

VAGUE MEMORIES by Karla Corona is one of those books that cannot be adequately described or given its rightful due, because it is so rich with emotion and the beauty of the gift of life and love, loss and an awakening of one girl’s soul to something better than the hand she was dealt and she saw it, knew it and felt alive.

Oh, I cried ugly tears more than once, because Sarah’s life wasn’t fair, what happened to Mason wasn’t fair and still, they found something together that would last forever in their hearts. Karla Corona knows how to give life to a story and to make her readers feel what her characters feel, to live what they live and to thank the stars for the lives we live.

Breathtaking reading that will steal your heart. Grab the tissues, or maybe a roll of paper towel after reading this tale, if you aren’t affected, your heart can’t be beating.

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy.

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