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Wolf Charmer by Eva Gordon (Team Greywolf, #3)

Wolf Charmer
by Eva Gordon

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Team Greywolf - Book 3
Publisher: Eva Gordon (October 25, 2017)
Publication Date: October 25, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 277 pages
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Gaby, a wolf charmer, can command animals to do her bidding. Exploited by Project Sabertooth, a black government group that uses animals to assassinate criminal targets, she dreams of escape.

Prince and brother to the king, Steele is an operative for Team Greywolf. The king demands he quit and take a proper alpha mate. Reluctantly, he promises to return after one more mission and carry out his royal duty.

Steele survives near death, but is captured by Project Sabertooth. Suffering from amnesia, he partners with Gaby, not knowing they are ancestral enemies. Their chemistry is instant. Lycan society abides by the Edict of Segner 1590, the execution of wolf charmers, people who can expose their kind. However, Steele has no memory of such a law, and falls hard for the attractive brunette with beguiling green eyes. Danger from Project Sabertooth, werewolf hunters, and werewolves hell bent on killing the last wolf charmer foils any chance Steele and Gaby ever have to be together.

 Wolf Charmer by Eva Gordon (Team Greywolf, #3)

Wolf Charmer (Team Greywolf Series, #3)For centuries, her kind has been the enemy to be killed on sight. Her power to “charm” animals, could mean exposure for wolf shifters. An unwilling captive, Gaby has been exploited for her ability to command animals by a super-secret government project that has gone all wrong.

Steele, alpha prince and elite member of Team Greywolf is on his final mission before bowing to his brother and king’s command to take a mate and be a proper royal. One last mission and done, right? Little did he know that mission would go belly up and he would end up a captive in the bowels of Project Sabertooth’s laboratory, a fascinating lab rat who awakens with amnesia and has no idea who he is or how he will escape. He does know there is something special about Gaby, something that calls to his inner werewolf, but something more, too.

Their attraction is primal, but can he trust this woman who says she wants to escape her own forced captivity? Can they find a way out together? Where would they go? How will he feel if his memory returns and he discovers who and what she is to his kind? Fate may have brought them together as mates, but there is a world out there trying to destroy what they could have…

WOLF CHARMER by Eva Gordon is pure wolfish romantic bliss as two souls find their other half and now must fight to stay together! Eva Gordon brings her stories to life with characters that feel real, alive and have true emotional depth! Villains that are dark and twisted, allies that are caught up in the past and prove just as problematic and forbidden love…need I say more? Hang out the Do Not Disturb sign as Fate champions the underdogs who only have love on their side!

I am voluntarily reviewing this complimentary copy. 

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