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6th September by Salman Aziz

6th September
by Salman Aziz

My rating: 3 stars

Publication Date: June 15, 2017
Publisher: Salman Aziz
Genre: Drama | Fiction
Print Length: 35 pages
Available from: Amazon
Everything started on 6th September.
The story is real but unknown to all. All characters are fictional but the actions are true.
Aabrar’s death was mysterious, because nobody knew why he killed himself.
Aabrar was in pain, something really wrong happened to him that forced him to suicide. He had so many secrets that he never told anyone. His pains were the silent killer of himself. His pains were like wood worms which eat all the wood inside, although the wood looks well from the outside.
His parents were totally unaware about this, because Aabrar never shared anything about those things that hurt him a lot. He was struggling with himself alone to overcome this, but failed! So he had to take this decision to kill himself silently to get away from all the pains that hunted him in every moment.
He tried to distract himself but couldn’t. He put his entire life story in a locked diary. But the diary went missing.
Somebody lost him. Someone took the advantage of his death. And the people rumored about him.
The reasons behind his death remained like a very unknown mysterious story. 

6th September by Salman Aziz

6th September: A Very Unknown Mysterious StoryAabrar was drowning in emotional pain and no one saw it, not his friends or his family. While his mother worried he was not eating right, even as he told her why, she didn’t listen. On the outside he was a model son, but on the inside he was a writhing mass of turmoil that he did not, could not share. He had only his diary to tell his story, to tell his pain and even that became lost.

6th SEPTEMBER by Salman Aziz is a torturously painful story of a young man in crisis, at the end of his rope and he saw no way out of his pain except through death. We are the witness to his turmoil, to the blissful ignorance of his family, to his inability to open up to them. Was it fear of being rejected? Of disappointing his family? Shame at not being able to deal with his problems? What led to his downfall?

The pain felt by Aabrar feels real. He may be a fictional character, but his story is not unique, nor is it fantasy. Salman Aziz has done a remarkable job of bearing Aabrar’s soul, scars and all. While a little disjointed in the writing, there is still a powerful story here that speaks for itself and the desperation of one who take their own life. Maybe we miss the signs that are right in front of us. A little polish and the impact of this brief tale will shine through.

I received a complimentary review copy from Salman Aziz!

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