Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Amber by Hati Bell (Amber, #1)

by Hati Bell

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Amber - Book 1
Publication Date: September 20, 2017
Publisher: Hati Bell
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 235 pages
Available from: Amazon
When two colleges merge, supernatural worlds collide…

Amber O’Neill has always been the odd dryad out in their supernatural community. Her biggest fear was her visions driving her insane some day. Her fear rises to a whole new level when, during her first encounter with a dragon, she receives a shocking vision. 

Disowned by his grandfather, Drake was born into riches but raised in poverty. An inheritance gives him the chance to reclaim what should have rightfully been his. No one will stop him from getting what he wants. Certainly not a dryad.

However, dangerous circumstances force Amber and Drake together. Can they trust each other or will they be each other’s downfall?

Amber by Hati Bell (Amber, #1)

Amber (Amber, #1)Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could just accept each other and “play nice” together? In a world filled with supernatural beings, two colleges combine, setting the stage for distrust, animosity and one Dryad with a special power of visions through contact with another fears she will go insane as tempers flare and personal thoughts, dream visions and a potential war brew all around her.

Amber’s visions are of the future and contact with one of the new dragons at school will show her a terrifying event she cannot change and it involves her. Drake, disowned from birth by his powerful dragon grandfather has his own agenda. Now that he has been ‘accepted” back into the wealthy family fold, he will stop at nothing to exact the revenge he seeks, but one small Dryad girl will soon occupy his thoughts and his time. But fraternizing with the enemy is never a good thing and Amber will soon discover the peace Drake’s touch brings her troubled mind can be as deadly as it is soothing.

When Amber becomes the focus of a goblin loanshark, dark secrets from her past will arise and the family she thought she knew will become like strangers. Meanwhile, another war is brewing and Drake and Amber will find their feelings for each other could be their downfall in a world that refuses to accept anyone who is different.

AMBER by Hati Bell, is a dark young adult romance filled with bigotry, deceit and little room for the emotional bonds the dryad is forming with the dragon. While Amber and Drake may be the supernatural Maria and Tony from West Side Story, their world is anything but as supernatural wars begin and dynasties may topple, all while Amber is discovering who and what she really is and the pawn she has become.

A quick read, full of angst and many plot outshoots, there is a lot of story left to be told in upcoming additions to this series which will, I am sure, expand on all that has been offered up. A good read, with huge possibilities for this series!

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