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AnnaPolis Summers: I Survived Bullying by Linda Heavner Gerald

AnnaPolis Summers
by Linda Heavner Gerald

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Lime Pie Publisher; 1 edition (August 30, 2017)
Publication Date: August 30, 2017
Genre: Coming of Age
Print Length: 490 pages
Available from: Amazon
Born into a family of maniac sailors, Anna Polis was named for the city of Annapolis. This city personified sailing to her dad. The Polis clan spent each summer there. As their boat, Honey glided through the gentle waves, Anna sat in the back of her domain. Her writing and her art filled lonely hours. Then, the summer of her thirteenth year, they found her. Bullies broke the platinum chain from her gilded life. The young girl faced them fearlessly. She didn't tell anyone for a long time until she couldn't bear the pain any longer. Once she spoke of it, things became a little easier to bear. 

If you have suffered from the meanness of bullying, you will "get" it!

AnnaPolis Summers: I Survived Bullying
by Linda Heavner Gerald

AnnaPolis Summers: I SURVIVED BULLYING!Anna Polis was born into wealth to two beautiful people. Sadly, not even her parents’ good genes could save Anna from those awkward years, she wasn’t pretty, wasn’t popular, and she was the perfect fodder for bullying because of that. Her only solace was on the water during the summer she would sail with her parents. There she could lose herself in her writing, her thoughts and her imagination.

Clearly neither wealth nor good breeding could stop the merciless bullying she faced as she became a young teen. Armed with only her own sense of self, limited only by her immaturity, she dealt with it, pretended she was the perfect daughter her parents saw. Her limited pool of friends were outcasts, too. The boy she imagined herself in love with was brutally cruel until one summer she outgrew her awkwardness and a young swan replaced the ugly duckling.

While people noticed, they didn’t forget the girl they would taunt, even with her new-found body. Perhaps it was because of her new self that things became a living nightmare or humiliation. It also brought the love of her life, but she was too damaged by then to trust her heart or the boy until her proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that what they had was real. And then it happened, once again life would throw Anna an anchor when she needed a life jacket. Could she survive what would happen next?

Linda Heavner Gerald’s ANNAPOLIS SUMMERS is a story of survival through the pain of bullying. It is the heartbreak of one girl, told through her own words as seen through her eyes. This is her journey through adolescent growing pains, betrayals and learning who to trust, who to believe in, particularly to believe in herself and follow her dreams, no matter where they take her or for how long.

Written for young adult readers to relate to, either as the victimizer or the victim, it is an eye-opening look at a girl who lived through it, not unscathed, but with the strength of a survivor. This is raw reading that may or may not bring back memories for many. Even if you weren’t the bully, if you did nothing, you are as much to blame for the pain wrought on another such as Anna. Powerful reading with an endearing character who will wear the scars of survival, while still maintaining the ability to love the world around her. This isn't a book to hand to a child and say, "Read this, you'll be okay," it is a book to share, discuss and hope that it will unlock the silence the bullied suffer in.

I received a complimentary review copy from Linda Heavner Gerald!

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